Wilson Electronics Issue

As part of our communications package, I added a Wilson Electronics 4G Cellular Amplifier and antenna to our rig.   We also have the Millenicom WIFI Hotspot for data.  Anyway, while in NJ, I noticed that the Millenicom was not getting much of a signal, so I placed it near the antenna for the cell phone amplifier.  No increase in signal strength.  Since this is a modified installation, I worked with a couple of my friends to determine where the issue might be.  The Wilson antenna is mounted on a steel plate on a PVC pole.  It has a magnetic base, so we figured that maybe it needs to be grounded to the RV.  Quick trip to the store and we have the metal base grounded to the RV.  Another test and still no difference.  Tech Support is suppose to call us today.

Going to rearrange the setup as well today.  Moving all the stuff to the other side of the RV.  Will post pictures once it is all up and running.


Leaving for Denver, PA tomorrow

Well our shake down trip is complete.  We will be leaving Sea Pines in NJ tomorrow morning for Hickory Run in Denver PA.  Over the weekend we will have all of our kids camping with us!  Hickory Run has been a family destination for many years, so it was only fitting that it would be the kick off location for our 5 year trip around the country.

Will arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Get one one stop at Green Dragon on Friday.  I am making hoagies for lunch and hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner on the 4th.  Relaxing over the weekend and then on Monday we depart to western PA.

Update and pictures of the weekend to follow.

Updates to our travel

First my apologies, we are currently at Sea Pines in Swainton, NJ and Internet access is not the greatest.  I am using my Millenicom setup and still the data transfers at times are extremely limited.  Today seems to be pretty good, so I thought I would update the site.

While here in sunny South Jersey we have been catching up on some sight seeing.  We both have been down here many times over the years so there isn’t a lot we haven’t seen or done.  My daughter Suzanne and her daughter Angela and one of my other grand daughters, Laila, came down last week to stay with us.  They will also travel to Denver, PA with us for our going away party over the 4th of July weekend.

We did take a day trip to Cape May area.  Daisy did some searching for some Cape May Diamonds and I did some bird watching (girls).  Neither one of us found anything interesting.


Daisy and the concrete ship.  Poor ship is just about gone.


Found this one in the gift shop at Cape May.  I like it.

Once Suzanne and the kids made it down here we did go to Wildwood boardwalk one evening.  Had a great time.  I was really surprised at the prices of the rides.  A walk through the Haunted Ghost Ship was $11 per person…. and you had to walk through.  Instead we played some of the games and visited on couple arcades.  Each of the kids won a nice stuffed animal.  Forgot to take the camera so no pictures.

On Monday, we visited the Cape May Zoo.  For a free zoo, it is actually very nice. One of the better zoos we have been to.  Took too many pictures to post here, but here are a few of them.

Angela and Laila
Angela and Laila


Signs all over the place… Do Not Feed The Animals, so what does the park do?  Places feeding machines around the park to encourage feeding the animals….go figure

Reading up on the cows
Reading up on the cows

DSC_0165 DSC_0174 DSC_0189 DSC_0202 DSC_0207 DSC_0215

One BIG cat.