RV Inspection Training

Well this week while staying at PA Dutch Country, I am taking RV Inspection Training and pursuing the Certified RV Inspection.  Over the next few months I will probably be writing about this process and what I think of it.

Today started our training at 7 AM.  7 AM!  We started off with a presentation by Steve Anderson, owner of Workampers.com.  Steve will be covering the business side of inspecting RV.  Terry Cooper, is the instructor for the practical side.  Terry is a Master Certified RV Technician.

We covered basic electronics today, which for me was easy, having been in electronics in the Air Force for 21 years.  Later this week, I will probably be brain dead as we cover propane and air conditioning systems which I know very little about.  Terry has agreed to use my system for propane issues as we have a propane leak.  Maybe after he is done, I can turn on the propane heater 🙂

I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the requirements for becoming certified and working with Steve and Terry at Inspection Connection.

Well, it has been a long day and all this mental work has kicked my butt.  So, until tomorrow, have a great night.

Easy Leveler Block Modification

If you have a problem getting down under your rig, this may help when placing your leveler blocks.

Get four 10 x 10 inch or larger blocks of 2 inch treated lumber, four plastic leveler blocks, eight 2 inch wood screws, screw driver, drill bits and drill.  You will also need an awning hook.  You know the thing that you use to pull the manual awnings down with.

Place one of the plastic levelers in the center of a piece of wood and screw it down with two screws.  Do this for all four pieces.

Step 1 - Screw plastic levelers to block of wood
Step 1 – Screw plastic levelers to block of wood

Next drill a 1/2 inch hole in opposite corners of the wood.

Step 2 - Drill 1/2 inch holes in opposite corners of the board.
Step 2 – Drill 1/2 inch holes in opposite corners of the board.

That’s it.  Your done.  Now you can use the awning hook to push and pull the wood with leveler blocks under the rig’s levelers.

Completed Project
Completed Project


Back Home!

We made it back to Lancaster area!  Lots of things have been happening.  We have had a few mechanical problems, which is to be expected when you have a 7 year old RV.   Luckily they are minor issues.  Things like the stairs wouldn’t extend, the awning would not retract and a propane leak.

I took care of the propane leak.  Kind of proud of that.  Had to replace the regulator.  Stairs were just a loose wire.  That is also taken care of.  The awning is going to be another issue.  The fabric needs to be replaced.  Hopefully the awning will be repaired in October.

When we arrived at PA Dutch Country, our lot was not one of the more level ones and we broke a seal on one of the levelers.  So we will be replacing it along with the springs the beginning of Oct.

We have two RV celebrities in the campground.  The folks from Workampers.com and Mobile RV Academy are here.  They are offering a 5 day class teaching people hold to become RV Inspectors.  After talking it over with Daisy, I am going to take the class.  The course is 5 days and at the end you are certified to inspect RV to determine if there are any hidden defects that the buyer should be aware of.  Hopefully this will do two things for us, first is make me more comfortable with understanding and troubleshooting the different problems with the RV.  With a little luck I would have any more $2700 fuse issues.  The second thing will be a way for us to earn a little extra money doing inspections for banks, warranty, insurance and individuals.  We had one of these done when we got our extended warranty program last month.

We are going to be here at PA Dutch Country until the end of the month.  Then will transfer over to Hershey Thousand Trails for 3 weeks.  Towards the end of October we start heading South, with the first stop at Williamsburg, VA.

I will be reviewing the course next week.  Hopefully it will be as good as I have read and heard.  I am looking forward to being better prepared for traveling with the RV.

Back in Wilmington, OH

We arrived at Wilmington Thousand Trails on Tuesday. First thing is the steps started acting up again. Won’t go out and if I get them out they won’t -go back in. Then the awning when we packed up in IN refused to retract all the way on one end. Adding more items to our list of repairs. Any way, we are safe and sound. Set up and were ready to hit the rest of the Air Force Museum in Dayton.

Before we hit the road to Dayton, decided to take a look at the steps and awning. Daisy and Mom where also complaining of a Propane smell overnight but I couldn’t smell it. I found the problem with the awning and it was missing a screw on the roller cap. Didn’t have any so went to the office to see if I could find someone that might have one. On the way up there I noticed a pickup truck behind me with a ladder on the roof. Waved him down and turns out he is a RV repairman. Asked if he could take a look at the awning and steps, luckily he had a few minutes. Charles Uhl of Reliable RV Mobile Service, 513-919-4491. Charles is a Master Certified RV Tech.

So, Charles and his help start working on the rig and first thing he says is you have a propane leak. Add another item to the list he will check out. After about an hour, he has the steps troubleshot and repaired. Seems there are some connections under the rig that were corroded and loose. Easy fix. Next was the awning, took about 10 minutes to replace the screws and 30 minutes to realign the roller to get it to roll back up. The awning material needs to be replaced badly (which we knew). He suggested leaving it rolled up until we can replace the awning. Last was the propane leak. Apparently the leak was on the low pressure side of the regulator and not very big. He didn’t have a regulator so for now we go without propane. No big deal as we don’t use it much anyway. Our coffee maker and NuWave hot plate will take care of most of our needs until we get back to PA and have our normal RV Tech make the repairs. I might even do it myself 🙂

The Air Force Museum is a huge place. It is in 6 old aircraft hangers. We managed to get 4 of them done the first trip. So we only had 2 to visit this time. These two are the Presidents exhibit and the Test Flight area.

The Presidents area has some of the planes used by Presidents over the last 100 years. It includes Air Force One that was used by Kennedy. Four of the planes are set up so you can walk through them. Unfortunately, my claustrophobia kept me out of them. Daisy took plenty of pictures for me and you.

Pilot Area
Pilot Area
Kennedy Air Force One
Kennedy Air Force One
First Air Force One
First Air Force One
Smaller Air Force One
Smaller Air Force One


Air Force One Seating
Air Force One Seating


The other hanger is the Flight Test Hanger.  Here are some of the test flight aircraft.  As Daisy pointed out they don’t have much in the way of ‘newer’ aircraft.  It seems to stop at F-16 era.  I thought this was probably due to the fact that we are still flying this generation and did not want to give away too many secrets.

This hanger is kind of stuff full of aircraft with no real ‘path’ to walk through, you kind of just picked your way around.

FB-70 was one of my favorite aircraft growing up.
FB-70 was one of my favorite aircraft growing up.
This two man space craft idea never really go off the ground.
This two man space craft idea never really go off the ground.

Back in the arms of Thousand Trails

We are back in Thousand Trails network and camping basically free ($3.50 a night). Arrived at Horseshoe Lakes in Clinton, IN on Thursday. Sitting in the B sections where we were just a couple of months ago. Rain followed us from out West so last night was stormy. Today was a great day. Highs in the mid 70’s, sunshine and a nice breeze.

We are suppose to be here for a week, but, Daisy and I were talking about leaving early and cutting the stays shorter so we can spend some more time in PA before heading South to FL. Will discuss it more tonight.

You can tell the kids are back in school. Hardly anyone here except the full-timers and retired folks. Went to the Coffee Social yesterday and the Adult Social last night. Would be nice to have some of these folks travel with us. Hopefully, as we travel we will get to meet some more travelers.

Posted on Facebook that I was looking for a few good RV Techs to travel with us, it got a lot of laughs.

Well, since I have reviewed this campground before and we hit the major hot spots last time here, there isn’t much to review. If we find anything during our wanderings, I will be sure to let you know.

Interstate RV Campground Review

Interstate RV is located just off  Interstate 80 in Davenport, IA.  It is open year round and has about 100 sites, many of which are full-time.  This campground is open year round.  Their website is http://www.iowarvpark.com.

Kim is the site manager is very friendly and knowledgeable of the area.  The campground has free WIFI, free clothes dryers.  Sites are pull through, level, gravel and full hookups.  Although they are on the small side with rigs pretty close to each other.  Campfires would be difficult to have with rigs this close to each other.

This is a public campground and offers Good Sam discount.  There seems to be a mix of seasonal and transient with most of the transient being overnight stays.

Two attractions we found interested, thanks to Kim, were the Buffalo Bill Museum and American Pickers Business, both of which I will write about in another article.



R&R Campground Review

R&R Campground is located in Mitchell, SD right off the Interstate.  Finding it with GPS is a little difficult but if you keep your eyes open it is not a problem.

All sites are pull through and have plenty of room to get around.  The sites are fairly level and our gravel based.  Some of the sites have southern exposure, but the campground has cable TV (free).  R&R is close to shopping and has some pretty good places to eat.

Entertainment at the campground is null as are any activities.  This seems to be a transient campground with short stays.

Staff was friendly and helpful.  Rates are reasonable and the campground clean and well maintained.  This is a public campground and not part of Thousand Trails, RPI, Enjoy America etc.  They do offer discounts for Good Sam and Passport America.