Silver but no Gold

Spent a long time training for this and came away with silver but no gold.  I bet you think I am athletic don’t you.  Actually, what I was looking for was jewelry and coins with our metal detectors.  Daisy and I both have one and for Christmas I got a Pin Pointer (used to pin point the gold after you dig the hole).  So while we were in Williamsburg, VA, we decided to head to the beach on the James River.  There is a place off of Colonial Drive that you always see people at.  So we took the detectors and set off for gold.  I must say it was a lot of fun.  Seems that every few feet we were stopping to dig up something.  Some junk, some coins and a couple pieces of jewelry.

I did come away with a silver ring and part of a necklace and about $1.58 in coins.  Not to mention sore shoulders.

So, not to be discouraged, we decided to head up to Virginia Beach.  Here is where the real money is to be found.  Driving up there was nice.  Daisy and I have been to Virginia Beach a few times but never to the beach itself.  Was a little cool and a week day so there wasn’t anybody around.  We found that working as a team was easier on the both of us, so I started detecting and Daisy did the digging.  We dug a lot of holes in that sand.  Let’s just say we did not strike gold, nor silver, nor tin, nor bronze.  We did find a penny.  Yep a couple of hours of metal detecting and we found 1 cent!

Best I can figure Virginia Beach must clean their beaches like Wildwood and Atlantic City do in NJ.  They have big sand shifters that they drive over the beach to pick up the trash and stuff that people leave behind.

So we will continue our search for the gold.  Who knows, maybe we will find the mother lode!  We are not discourage in the least.  We have found a lot of nice jewelry, including diamond rings and some gold.