Roof Maintenance

Here is an area that many of you have probably never even seen let along done any maintenance, the roof. Now before we get started, if you rig does not have a ladder attached, DO NOT GET ON THE ROOF! No ladder means it is not designed to hold the weight of people. Even if your rig has a ladder, I would recommend using a standard ladder placed on the rig to gain access. Once on the roof please be very careful. They are slippery when wet, have all kinds of object designed to make you trip and the edges slant away from the center and you can easy fall off. It is best when you are on the roof to stay on your hands and knees. This way you have two advantages. One you are on four points of support. Two you are closure to the roof to do inspections and see issues.

Roof maintenance will include a cleaning, repairs of cracks and damage to the roof and installed fixtures from trees and other objects. Start with a good inspection of the seals and roofing material. Note the type of roof. How are you suppose to know the type of roof? Here is a video on how to determine the type of roof your RV might have.

Cleaning the roof only requires soap, water and a soft brush. No high pressure water hoses! I have seen them punch holes into the roof materials. As you are cleaning the roof, look for signs of peeling or loose caulking. These areas will need to be repaired. Also look for signs of water pooling. This could be an indication of soft or decaying material under the roof material. Note the area and inspect the inside of the rig for signs of water damage.

Once the roof is clean inspect all of the caulking, air conditioner(s) and vents. Use a flash light to check the vents for signs of nest or other blockage.

It is not a bad idea to do the inspection of the roof at least once a year. Please read my post on dealing with inspecting the roof.

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Peace River Another Great Stop

We arrived at Peace River on Wednesday.  Very nice park but a little confusing when finding a spot.  It is probably not too bad outside of peak season.  We lucked out finding a spot just after someone moved.  We are along the river and it is a great spot.  Each morning I sit out by the river and watch the water roll by.  Well almost each morning.  It rained hard last night and the ground is really soaked.

Which is creating problems for several rigs that are trying to get on the road today.  I watched the tractor pull a Class C out of the mud this morning.  Just came back from a walk and there is a Class A sunk up to its rear axle in mud.  They are waiting for Good Sams to come tow them out as the tractor doesn’t have the traction to do the job.

Haven’t done much sight seeing yet.  Have driven around for food and a Walmart stop.  Thinking maybe Monday of going sight seeing.

We finally saw our first Safari Simba!  Sat and talked with the owners for a couple of hours.  Daisy is getting all kinds of ideas on how to modify our rig.  She really wants to remove the carpet and tile and lay down wood planks.  We will see 😉


Another campground visit coming to an end

I can not believe how fast time if flying.  We have been at Orlando Thousand Trails for two weeks already.  There is so much to see and do in this area and at the campground itself.

Weather hasn’t been the warmest, seems we brought the cooler weather with us from PA.  But still 70 degrees beats the 20 and 30’s they are having back home.  Woke up this morning to high 40 degrees. Already it is 63 degrees with a light wind.

We went to the RV show last week in Tampa.  Hershey is a bigger show, but Tampa is laid out better and I think has more vendors, which is what we were looking for.  Daisy found a new outdoor mat for the campsite.  8 x 20 ft and less than $40!

TTO (Thousand Trails Orlando) is a great campground.  We only had 30 amp service, but really didn’t need the 50 for the air conditioners.  We are also getting better an monitoring the power usage.  Managed to get by without tripping any circuit breakers although we did trip the GFI one time.  I think the raid and our outdoor lights might have done it.  We have a corner lot so lots of space.  Great neighbor as well.  Even the birds are cool.  We have a couple of Sand Cranes that visit the lot every now and then.  Saturday I was able to get within a couple of feet of them.  The activities here have been really nice.  Each weekend they have live music.  During the week there seems to be something going on every day.

But all good things must come to an end, so Wednesday we are heading to Peace River.  Heard good and bad about Peace River, but that doesn’t bother us.  Seems most of the bad stuff are from people who expect too much or want full hook ups with no issues all of the time.  We already know several people that have headed down there or are already there.  Going to go fossil hunting along the river this week once we get there.  Maybe find some place to do some metal detecting.

We have gotten with a couple of our friends while down here.  Sandy and Ron met us for dinner at Cracker Barrel one night.  We met them while I was in the military and remained in contact over the years.  The we stopped by Sherwood Forest Campground and caught up with JoAnn and Jim.  They are ‘new’ friends we met at Sea Pines over the summer.  They are camp hosts.  That is a job I could enjoy when we come off the road.  We went out for dinner on Friday and had a good time.  We are going into Sherwood Forest after we leave Peace River.

Maintaining Batteries

Starting a new set of articles for RVers. The last series on Inspecting an RV before you purchase it is available on my website at
This series will be on maintenance of the RV. Please if you have any suggestions or areas of interest, let me know.
These will not be in any order of importance. Basically, I will start with whatever area hits me as a topic to write about. Today’s topic is going to be on Batteries as this seems to be an area that a lot of people disregard until it is too late and they have to replace them.
As I mentioned in my inspection articles on batteries, there are two basic types; maintenance and maintenance free. Maintenance free does not mean you do not have any maintenance, it just means you have less maintenance to do. They should probably call the limited maintenance. So lets start with them.
Tools you will need to maintain batteries include a battery cleaning brush, adjustable wrench and a hydrometer.
Maintenance Free Battery Maintenance starts with cleaning. Periodically, you need to clean the terminals of the batteries. Corrosion of the terminals will reduce the available voltage and current available to the rig. Many problems with maintenance free batteries come from dirty/corroded battery terminals. The corrosion comes from the gases that escape from the battery during normal operation. Once you have cleaned the battery terminals and wire connections, use some Vaseline on the terminal and connection to seal out the elements. There is no real guidance that I know of as to how often to clean the battery. A lot depends on the environment. So as a guideline I would look at doing the maintenance every 6 months or so.
Maintenance of regular batteries is a little bit more complicated, although not that bad. Besides cleaning the battery terminals, you also need to check the fluid levels in these batteries. This should be done when the battery is fully charges and cool. Why? The battery fluid level will vary depending on the temperature and the charge. A fully charged battery at 70 degree will have a different fluid level than a battery that is discharge at 50 degrees. The level of fluid should be just covering the plates inside the battery. If the battery needs fluid, use distilled water. Tap water is loaded with chemicals that can be harmful to the battery. However, if you do not have distilled water and the water level is low, tap water is better than no water. You should check these batteries every month or so. At the most every time you change oil. You can determine the state of charge for maintenance batteries with a hydrometer. Simply insert the tip into the cell and withdraw some of the liquid until the bulb or level in the hydrometer floats. Read the state of charge from the gauge inside the hydrometer.

Source: Tips of the Day

A little piece of yumm…

It is not often that I write about good food, but today we found a place that deserves a few words.  Daisy and I were returning from the Tampa RV Show and decided to get dinner before going back to the camper.  Earlier in the week we saw a couple of guys waving signs on Rt 27 about a fish and chips place.  For what ever reason, I have been hungry for fish so that is were we went.

The place is called the Pub Fish and Chips and is across the street from Walmart on Rt 27 South.  When you turn in, go across the circle and it is on the left hand side at the corner.  Maybe 10 tables and a small bar, well lit.  Not much on the menu but then what would you expect but fish and chips.

I had the cod with fries. It was great.  Nice and crispy, the cod was moist.  I got three pieces and ate all of them and some of the fries.  Even the Ice Tea was above average.  Daisy had the Tilapia and fries and was very happy with it. Service was also very good.  The bill for the two of us was under $20.

This is a place we will be going back to.

This is neat!

I have never been one to try to find ways to save money.  Sure, I would check prices and comparison shop, but nothing like what happened this week.

We were out for a drive and found a couple of flea markets.  We stopped and while walking through got shanghaied by one of the vendors.  He was offering us discounted tickets to the major attractions.  Since we were looking to go to Sea World, we decided to listen.

Turns out that if we are willing to listen to a sales presenation we could get two tickets to Sea World for $50!  Now we are retired and have no timeline nor do we have any pressing appointments so we figure why not.  After all he told us the breakfast was free.

Our appointment was set and at 10:30 AM we are registered and ready for the tour and presentation.  It is with Westgate Vacations (or something like that).  The salesman comes over, introduces himself and the pitch is on.  We have been to a few of the timeshares over the years so we knew what to expect.  A deal too good to be true but you have to take action NOW, type of thing.  Daisy and I had told him up front we would not purchase anything today and that we would want to think it over.

The guy was pretty nice and explained everything, showed us the condos, explained the referral program, the reservation and explained the exchange program etc.  Then after the tour we got down to business.  For only $38,000 we would get a deeded property in Orlando FL one of the hottest vacations spots in the world.  We said no thanks.  Of course now the manager comes over and tries to talk us into it.  I said in a very plain and calm voice, I have already said no.  He says ok and we got two tickets to Sea World for $50.

Now we have to visit the Guest Services to get our tickets.  While there the woman says that if we will listen to a 60 video she will give us $20 and a free meal at one of the local restaurants worth up to $50.  More free food!

So for the day activities, we have a breakfast, two weekday passes to Sea World, $20 cash and a Free Lobster (my choice) dinner.

No wonder the retired people come down here.  The weather is nice (temp today was over 70 degrees), lots of things to do, free food and they pay you to watch a movie.


Didn’t realize how long it has been…

Just realized I haven’t posted on here in a while, other than my articles on RV inspections.  We left PA and stayed in MD with some friends for the New Years.  Leaving on the second and traveled back to The Oaks at Point South to pick up our RV from the repair shop.  Of course it wasn’t ready as they had promised and we spent the rest of the weekend in a hotel.  Monday morning we were back at the dealership and everything checked out fine.

After spending a few days back at The Oaks we headed down to FL.  This was another long trip and Daisy wasn’t feeling well.  She had taken two trips to the doctors office over the last couple of days and had/has Bronchitis.  Between the coughing, medication and not sleeping well, she wasn’t willing to drive the rig at all.  But we were both ready to hit the road.  So Wednesday morning we left at 8:30 AM heading South on 95 to the Sunshine State.

Pretty uneventful trip most of the way.  Gas prices have dropped a lot. We saw gas for $1.85 a gallon.  Shame we use diesel.  Got into FL and then realized that that was about the half way point for our day.  Quick stop at the rest stop for some free OJ and back on the road.

I have to wonder about the GPS systems.  We were headed to Orlando FL area.  I looked at Google and figured we would take 95 to I-4 to Route 27 into the campground at Clermont.  Now I am not sure if the turn we missed because my navigator fell asleep or the route of the GPS wanted to take, but we ended up taking a bunch of back roads for the last 80 miles or so.  Little roads like  route 20, 21 and 25 (I think).  But we made it!  Got here to Thousand Trails Orlando.

Checked in and the crew was great.  They had everything for us and gave us several sites to check out.  E 50 was our first choice.  Backed in and the neighbor comes out as says, that site has an electrical problem.  Sure enough one leg is 120 v the other is 70.  Back to the office and get swapped out for E64.  All is good.

This is THE ideal retirement campground, activities everyday, lots of stuff to do in the area, lots of places to eat and things to do.  Hence the problem with me not updating this website.

We are here until the 21st then have a very long trip to the next campground.  I think the trip total is something like 68 miles.  Figured we should be in the campground around 10 AM hehe.