Forest Lake, We Have Arrived

Well we pulled into Forest Lake on Thursday.  Up on the hill with satellite and good cell phone signal.  We have been here before, last year when I took Daisy to see Garth Brooks.

The site is level, good electricity, good water pressure and open sky to the South for satellite TV.  Plus we have over 30 channels for over the air TV.

Writing the third book in the Perfect RV series.  First two are done, have been proof read and just waiting for the cover art to be returned.  Then I will work on publishing them.

Finished my certification training for Dri Wash n’ Guard.  I have one class to make up and then take the test.  Saturday morning there is a yard sale here so I will set up there.  Found the perfect way to get the suicidal bugs off the wind shield and front of the bus.  It seems that Dri Wash n’ Guard’s Leather and Vinyl Cleaner removes them with no fuss.  So going to use that as a demo.  Works on painted surfaces as well.

After the Yard Sale we will most likely be heading out to see our grand daughter and our two great grand children.  This will be the first time seeing Piper!

Oh by the way, May 2nd is my birthday.  You still have time to get the cards, money and presents in the mail.  Send me an IM on Facebook and I will send you an address.


Daisy got tired of Arley, AL so we picked up stakes and moved up the road to Nashville, TN.  She is a completely different person and I thank the Lord for it.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing, writing the RV books in my case, that we don’t see what is going on around us.

Staying at the KOA in North Nashville,  nice campground.  People were great during the check-in.  We will only be here for 5 days, as we need to get over toward our grand daughters place next week to see our first great grand daughter.

We went to the Gaylorg Opry Resort.  This is kind of cool.  The resort is enclosed and we visited three different areas.  The first was a Water Fall and restaurant area, then the Atrium and finally the indoor river.  We both agreed it would be cool to have a room there for a few days.  We didn’t check on the prices, but I am sure it was expensive.

Of course you can’t be in Nashville without going to the Grand Ole Opry, so Daisy got tickets for the 9 PM show on Tuesday Night.  It was country music, so I played a good husband and went along.  Daisy enjoyed herself which is all that counts 🙂

On Thursday we had one of our ‘Adopted’ kids over for dinner.  Carla has been in Nashville for a few years.  So we have her and Kate over for dinner and to catch up with everything that has been going on in her life.  It was good to see her again, it has been a few years.

Update:  We have left Nashville.  We are now outside of Dollywood!  Unfortunately, we will only be here for a couple of days of rest while we travel to see Gabby and the grand kids.

Videos… a couple steps closer

The video project took a couple steps closer this week.  I have been able to find the software I need to create and edit them and the software for the website to present and manage them.

I have been working on a couple of books as well.  Seems I am working harder now in early retirement than I was when I was working full time.  But thankfully everything is coming together that will make this the go to place for new recreational vehicle owners.

Speaking of the books, the first two should be ready to download from this site beginning the first week of May.  That is just a couple of weeks away.

I will be posting a free download code on the Facebook Page (, so if you are not a member, please sign up soon.  If you have friends that are looking for an RV, have them sign up as well.

Watch for another article that explains the book series.

Oh almost forgot, you will be getting a newsletter now as well.  All free of charge of course.  (Someday I will have to figure out how to make money with all of this).

Thanks everyone for all the great comments.  More to come.

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Change of Plans

Isn’t Rving GREAT!  We decided last night around 8 o’clock, that with the rain coming in for the next 5 days and the lack of activities here and in the area that we would change our plans and head up to Nashville for a few days (5 actually).

So as soon as I finish posting this, drinking my tea and eating breakfast, we will call the campground (Escapees), make reservations, pack up, do the inspections and hit the road.  Target departure time is 9:30 AM.  Let’s see you do that when you are staying in a resort somewhere.

Arley, AL otherwise known as Hidden Cove.

Let me start off by saying, they weren’t kidding when they named this place HIDDEN.  It is about 5 miles from no where.  But a very nice park and great staff.  We got here on Wednesday late afternoon.  We were met at the gate with all of our paperwork in order and told which sites were available.  The campground has two main areas, section A is primarily 30 amp and section B is 50 amp.  We had our choice of 4 sites in section B.  Got all settled in and started looking over the paperwork.  The campground sits on the shores of Smith Lake, which is actually a dammed up water way for hydro electric power.  Someone told us it has 500 miles of shore line.

Included was a pamphlet about the local area.  Let’s just say, don’t blink driving through Arley 🙂  But there appears to be a lot of things to see in the area.  First is the Natural Bridge, then the Civil War Museum and the Longest Covered Bridge in AL.

The Civil War Museum is one of the best privately run museums I think I have been to.  History of the area, the civil war and the early US were every where.  I even learned some stuff!  Entrance is $5 a person, but well worth it.  They even have ghosts!  The museum sits on Crooked Creek and was the site of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Union Col. Abel Streight’s battle on April 30th, 1863.  The museums address is 516 Co Road 1127, Vinemont, AL 35179.  When you go ask Fred about the ghosts.

If you are anti Walmart you will be happy to know that you have to travel to Jasper, AL to find one, probably 25 miles from the campground.

For those of you who have been to The Oaks at Point South, that place was in the middle of civilization compared to here.  But a nicer sky you won’t find anywhere.  In the evening go sit down by the lake on the observation deck, nothing but stars.


Well Tomorrow Is Moving Day.

If you have been following us for any amount of time you know we move ever 2-3 weeks.  We are members of a camping membership called Thousand Trails which allows us to stay in the membership campgrounds for 3 weeks on average.  Well recently we also joined Escapees and have been spending the last 2 weeks in AL near a very good friend, Linda Poole.  We also got to visit with our grand daughter Melissa who is in Mobile getting ready to go back to school for her Masters Degree.

But as with all good things, this part of our adventure must come to an end.  So tomorrow we finish packing up and head North to northern Alabama for THREE weeks.  This is our first 3 week stop in a LONG time.  I think the last time we did three weeks at a campground was October of last year.

I need some time away from friends, family and attractions so I can get the writing and filming done.  Also I think Daisy needs some quite time.  Found out today she has Shingles.  Doctor says it is an early stage so the next couple of weeks will determine how bad she gets it.  This may put a damper on our visit to the great grand children in North Carolina.  But that is about a month away.  If the medications help Daisy, then we have a chance.

Lots of things going on for me.  I have mentioned that I am writing a book.  Well it is now 3 books.  Going to be a series on RV lifestyle.  The first book is on how to find the perfect RV, the second (which is done) is on how to inspect the RV before purchasing it, the third is how to use your new RV.  I hope to have them all done within the next month or so.  I also am creating some videos on the RV Inspection process and on Dri Wash ‘n Guard RV Detailing.  All told I think I need about 50 videos.  Someone lock me in a closet until I have the work done!

Oh and one more thing on my plate, I am taking a certification course on Dri Wash ‘n Guard.  6 weeks of training.  On week 3 as of tonight.  When I am finished I hope to be at Director Level.

Tonight is Red Beans, Rice and Sausage night with fresh baked corn bread.  Linda, Erika and Melissa are coming to dinner and it is time for me to start cooking.

I will post more once we get settled up North.