Meet the Author Event

Had a Meet the Author Event today at PA Dutch Country.  Meet with some of the campers here and chatted about the books, about their experiences looking for RV and some of the heartaches.  I just wish there was an easier way to let people know about what I have in the books.  Not so much for the money, but to help people when they are looking at spending thousand or tens of thousand of dollars on something that they really have no idea what they are looking for.

Hopefully over the next year as I do more of these and the word spreads people will begin to get educated and find that this really isn’t that bad of a way to shop.


Haven’t updated in a while…

One of the problems being at home is we have done most of the tourist things years ago.  We are in PA Dutch Country, a Thousand Trails park and will be here until the end of the month.  In general our plans have changed, again 🙂  This Summer we were planning to head up to the Northeast and visit New England.  Well a few weeks ago, Daisy and I talked about our plans and decided to stay in the area to visit with friends and family, take care of some medical issues and generally relax.

PA Dutch Country is one of those parks that I think you either love or hate.  We really like it here.  Its wooded, out of the wind and direct sunlight.  Close to all kinds of stuff, yet off the road so you don’t get a lot of traffic noise and no trains.  On the downside is the shooting range, which runs only during the day time.  Many people complain about it, but there is nothing you can do about a business that is about a mile away through the woods, gunshots carry pretty well.

Medically, this has not been a good trip.  I spent 4 days in the hospital due to some bleeding issues only to leave on Sunday when they decided the tests I was scheduled for on Monday were no longer medically necessary.  Which means there also was no reason for me to stay, so at 11:30 at night, I left.  Hospitals are not on my favorite places to be list.  They rank above going to the Dentist, even for visiting.  I am fine now, but slightly depressed with all of the stuff I have had to go through the last couple of weeks and the not knowing.  But with the Lords help, I will get over it.

Trip wise, we will be leaving here on the 29th.  Heading to Boat and RV in Hamburg, PA to have the new leveler looked at.  It keeps retracting and after working with Lippert we found that jack is the issue.  Then it is to Timothy Lake South for a couple of weeks.

After than it is back in the Lancaster area at Circle M and then Sea Pines before we head South for the Winter.  We should actually be in FL in November!

Oh my book has been printed, which if you follow me on Facebook you already know about.  I will have a Meet the Author on July 25th at PA Dutch Country.  I am hoping to have one at each campground we visit so stay tuned.


Need Help With Book Fund Raiser

I recently published 4 books.  3 eBooks are available on RV Inspection Service the printed version is available on Amazon under the title of Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV.

Being retired, I am trying to raise some money on Indiegogo to purchase some copies to send to folks like FMCA, Escapees, Camping World and Encore for marketing assistance.  I am hoping that you can help with a small donation of any amount.  If you donate $10 I will send you the complete set of eBooks.  For a donation of $25 plus shipping, I will send you an autographed and numbered copy of the book.

The campaign runs until the end of the month, so please do what you can and donate.

I really appreciate the help.  Thanks.

The link to Indiegogo is here

We moved again.

One of the neat things about being retired on the road is we can change our minds, or should I say, Daisy can change our minds.  Our plans were to head to the Northeast after the holidays.  Well we have decided to stay in the Philadelphia area for the Summer.  So instead of a week at PA Dutch Country we will be staying for 3 weeks.  Then a few weeks at Timothy Lake South and 3 more weeks at Sea Pines before heading back to either Hershey or PA Dutch Country in the Fall.

I wanted to talk about a restaurant that we found here in Lancaster.  It is called Manor Buffet right on Lancaster Blvd before it turns to 30 and 463(?).  This is an all you can eat place with some really good Sushi and a nice variety of it as well.  They also have steak and seafood and a Hibachi, not to mention a lot of the standard stuff.  Prices are bad either, at $13.95 per adult dinner.  Only down side for us was the desserts.  The ice cream leaves a lot to be desired, but the Chinese donuts are pretty good.

If you haven’t heard, my RV books are done and available on or  There are four books.  Three of them are eBooks one each for Finding, Buying and Using the RV.  The last book (only on Amazon at this time) is a printed version of all three books.

Crowd Funding For New Book!

OK, all of my books are now available at and several other eBook sites.  Amazon had a printed copy available under the title Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV (click the link).

These books were written to help people when buying an RV.  So many times this last year I have heard or witnessed the pain of people who purchased an RV and didn’t get what they needed or wanted.  Not to mention the fact that they rigs did not live up to the structural promise of the seller.

With a little luck these three books (Finding, Buying and Using) will help our fellow RVers navigate the process of getting into their RV.

In order to get the book into circulation, I need to perform some heavy marketing.  The hard part is done, the books are written and available, but now I need places to sell them so people will find them.

This is were you come in.  I need two things to happen.  First, Word of Mouth advertising about the books.  Letting EVERYONE you know and come in contact with that these books are available.  That will help out a lot.  Over the next week or so they will all be available on  For now Finding the Perfect RV and Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV are available in Kindle and printed format.  My website has them in PDF, Mobi and ePub format.

Second, I am trying to raise some money to purchase a few copies and do some marketing.  I want to get these printed versions into places like Encore, Camping World, RV stores and any other place that potential RV Owners go.  That takes some money, but more importantly it takes copies of the book to send to them for review.

So I have started a small crowd funding project on Indiegogo, the link is below.  I need to raise around $1250 to purchase some books and for marketing.  Please at least visit the page and if you can donate any amount.  I have some rewards for those of you that donate at least $10.  You will receive a copy of my book.  For $10 you will get a thank you from me and a PDF copy of Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV.  For a $25 donation you will get a SIGNED and NUMBERED copy of the first printing of the book.

Here is the link Fund Raising Link

I want to thank Louise Lemarr for being the first person to help with this.