Heading South for the Winter… Again!

Well, we have started our journey South for the Winter.  This will be our second year out of the cold.  We are still on the East Coast so Florida is the destination.

We are taking a different route than last year, this year we stopped at Skyline Ranch in Front Royal, VA as our first stop.  Skyline is at the entrance to the Skyline Parkway.  This is a membership park that is part of RPI which we got as part of our Thousand Trails Elite Connection membership.  Cost of our 2 night stay is a whole $20.

Getting to the campground was a real trip.  It seems that the address for the GPS was, well different than the real address.  GPS took us off roading in a 39 ft 30,000 lb motor home.  As we traveled down this narrow dirt road, Daisy kept saying, “This isn’t right!”  Of course being a man, I had no problem with the ride.  We ended up after a few miles back on hardtop road and by dumb luck found the campground.  We checked the route that the GPS wants us to take tomorrow and again, it has lost it mind!  Maybe it is time to update the database.

The park is pretty nice.  Pool appears to still be open.  They have a nice cafe, chapel, adult lounge and playground.  You can tell it is end of the season as the store was minimal.  Speed limit is strictly enforced as is check out time.

When we checked in we were assigned a lot.  After some maneuvering, we started set up.  First was the electric, water and sewer.  Since we haven’t had sewer hook up for about a week, I took time to dump as soon as I hooked up.  While it was flushing, I did the electric.  First problem… voltage was high (138 volts on both legs of our 50 AMP service).  Our EMS would not power up due to the high voltage.  Quick trip to the office and I found out that this sight always has a problem.  Glad I had the EMS, could have damaged something and been really pissed!  They had us change sights.  So packed back up and moved to 121.  Electric was fine there.

On our one day to sight see we drove the Skyline Parkway, in the fog and rain.  40 some miles and at best we could see about 100 yards.  At times visibility was down to maybe 30 feet.  We only stayed on the parkway for about 40 miles, but was a relaxing ride.  Had lunch in Front Royal before heading back to the campground.

Tomorrow we head to NC and will be staying at Gaston Lake (a Thousand Trails park) for two weeks, before heading to Myrtle Beach and dropping off my Mother-in-Law.  Yes, I am up for Son-in-Law of the Year award again 🙂

Our Sea Pines Adventure Continues…

We have been at Sea Pines Thousand Trails in Swainton, NJ now for a little over a week.  Our daughter Daisy and her family were down last weekend for the holiday, but they stayed at Lake and Shore, just up the road.  I have to say that Sea Pines is much more roomier.  Hopefully Sea Pines will spend the money and upgrade all the sites to 3 point sites in the future.  But with free honey wagon service twice a week it is not a problem.

This weekend we had something we haven’t had in a while, LIQUID SUNSHINE!  Yes, it actually rained on Saturday.  So we spent most of the time in the RV.  Around 4 PM it finally stopped raining and we took a drive, up North.  We drove up to find Chestnut Lake.  We were members there back when it was a NACO park.  Drove through and found it to be a lot cleaner than we remembered.  Will have to make a trip there sometime for camping.  I was disappointed that the $50,000 littering fine sign was gone.  It always amazed me that they would charge that much for littering.  Guess it didn’t work out.

While we were on our little trip we stopped by Allens Crab Shack in New Gretna on Route 9.  This was an old time favorite eating place when we were camping at Black Bass State Forest in the mid 90’s.  We were still tent camping back then.  The place still looks the same.  Daisy was a little disappointed that they didn’t have Oyster Stew, but she loved the Clam Strips. I had Shrimp and Scallops, really good.

My new electric scooter should arrive on Tuesday.  Ended up saving more than $100 on it. I was going to order it from Wayfair but it was out of stock, so I searched the web and found it on Overstock for about $50 less!  As I was ordering it, I was ‘qualified’ for a 10 percent discount, saving another $55 and free shipping.  Now I will be able to do the Boardwalk without being in a lot of pain and discomfort.

Speaking of discomfort, yesterday, I was sitting at the computer, watching Harry Potter, when the chair broke.  The back of the chair snapped off.  The metal pole stabbed me in the back.  Hurt like hell for about 30 minutes.  So sometime today the chair will go back to Walmart and I am getting a plain old metal chair.

Well, time for me to make breakfast, egg omelet with fried onions, mushrooms, ham and cheese.