Shorts, Flip-flops and t-shirts!

We have left the cold weather and arrived close to the perfect weather.  We are now in Jacksonville, FL at Pelican Roost.  We will only be here for a few days before heading to Orlando Thousand Trails and that general area for the Winter.

Can’t wait to see Sandy, Ron and Sam and to get some serious gaming time in.  These are the folks we learned to play Settlers of Catan with.  Daisy and I will probably play some today.  It is very comfortable.

I have shorts, t-shirt and sandals on and Daisy is dressed in caprices and a t-shirt.  Wonder what the weather is like back in PA.  When we arrived yesterday the temps were in the mid 80’s.  Actually needed both AC units on to cool down the rig.

We must have gone through a time warp yesterday.  The trip was 188 miles from South Point, SC to Jacksonville, FL.  We left at 10:30 AM and didn’t get into the campground until just about 4 PM.  Only one stop for fuel and lunch about 45 minutes or so.  We had no travel or delays and were traveling around 60-65 MPH the whole time.  I can not figure out where the extra time went.  But it was a HOT trip.  Have to figure out where all the heat comes from in the front of the rig.  Really drains the energy from me.

We ate dinner at the base golf course last night.  I had fish and chips, Daisy had a steak dinner.  The prices were good, but the food and service need some attention.  We won’t be going back during our stay.

For those of you who are able to stay at military famcamps, this one is OK.  There are only about 44 sites here.  We have a pull through with a concrete pad, FHU and 50 amp service.  Washer and dryer are free as is WIFI.  Camp Host met us as we pulled in.  He seemed pretty lonely and very talkative.  He leaves in January for the West coast and a cruise.  I would love to take another cruise.  Maybe I need to put Daisy to work for a while, hehe.


Lake Gaston Outdoor World

We have moved again.  Spent a few days with our friends staying at their place, but it was time to move on.  I am up for Son-in-law of the year award again as we have picked up my mother-in-law and will be dropping her off in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks.  In the mean time we are staying at Lake Gaston Outdoor World in NC.

Of course we got here just as everything was heating up with the massive rains and the hurricane.  We also arrived Gaston Lake just as the weather started turning bad.  Lake Gaston’s season is coming to a close as well.  Most of the activities are done and the campground is empty.  Finding a site was pretty easy.  The 200 section is FHU with 50 amp service.  Our site is not the most level in the world, but with all the rain, we figured we would stay put for a few days and then see about either moving or making another attempt at leveling out the rig when things dry out.

Currently TV and WIFI are very limited.  The campground WIFI is down and we get 3 over the air TV stations.  Forget satellite as this is a wooded campground.  Verizon signal strength is ok.  We do have 4G but only a couple of bars.  My adapter will be here this week so I will be able to install the WIFI and the cellular antennas.  Although the laptops show only our MIFI available and we are miles of anything, so I don’t expect much in the way of options.

The adult lounge is ok.  They have some puzzles and books as well as a TV with roof antenna, no cable or satellite.  Laundry mat has 4 washers and 4 driers.  Each $1.50 per load.  The store is nice, they have a little cafe, ice cream and some food stuff along with knick-knacks.  Staff is really friendly.

Littleton, is the closes town, but not much there.  You are better off driving about 15 miles to Roanoak Rapids for dinners and shopping.  Walmart it there as well.

Lake Gaston and Who Ordered This Hurricane?

We have been on the road now for over a year.  During that time we have managed not to have any liquid sunshine (rain for those that don’t camp).  I was sure today was going to ruin a perfect record, but the Lord was watching out for us.  I got started with my tear down chores around 8:45 AM and no rain, oops liquid sunshine!  By 9:30 we were pulling out of Skyline Ranch and heading to Lake Gaston.

I drove for part of the way and it tried a few times to start raining, but then stopped.  Daisy took over driving for the last part of the trip.  This was a long day, with over 240 miles to travel.  Wouldn’t have been too bad except the route took us on all kinds of back roads.  Speed limit said 55, if you were suicidal!  We got here around 2 PM and got set up, again no liquid sunshine.  But I am beat.  Not sure what the issue is, but I feel like I was run over by a herd of buffalo.  Really beginning to think my medication needs to be thrown out the window.  I am on blood pressure meds yet, don’t have a problem with my blood pressure and never have.  When I talked to the doctor about them, he said you are on it for high blood pressure.  When I told him I don’t have high blood pressure, he was kind of stumped.  He did drop the one med down to half a dose.  But I’m still having problems.  Guess I should talk to him again.  Maybe see him when he takes a vacation in FL this Winter hehe.

Anyway we are at Lake Gaston, Littleton, NC for a couple of weeks before heading to Myrtle Beach.  We have my mother-in-law with us and we will be dropping her off when we get to Myrtle Beach.  Then we head South to FL.

Lake Gaston is a nice campground that is getting ready to close for the Winter.  Most of the activities are done and the pool is closed.  They are on a 30+ mile long lake so I am sure we can find something to do.  We managed to get a 50 AMP 3 point site near the lake.  WIFI is good for Verizon.  Will be putting up the new antenna next week after all the rain is done.  Did I mention that we are scheduled for rain everyday until next Monday!  Something about a cold front and then a hurricane coming ashore somewhere around VA/NC border.  A couple of our Facebook friends that live in the area said they are calling for 10 inches of rain.  Will have to wait and see.

Well tonight is going to be an early night for me.  Being retired I can go to bed any time I want and I am going to hit the sack early.

I will be posting a how to article soon about our antenna set up.  I need to get one more cable adapter ordered so that I can hook up the WIFI antenna to the new WIFI router.  The cell phone set up is all done.  I also moved the antenna to the front of the slide to make hook up easier and reduce the length of the cables I was using.  Hopefully that will increase the gain and improve the signals.  Article, pictures and results will be posted soon.