No Propane Use!

We have been on the road now for about 18 months, since last October (over a year now), we have not used any propane at all, in fact it has been shut off at the tank since it was filled the last time.  How did we do it?

Our microwave is also a convection oven, which means we don’t have an oven in the RV.  So that has reduced our need for propane.  Second we purchased a NuWave PIC which is a stove top electric hot plate.  This we both love.  You can control the temperature of the PIC in 10 degree increments to to 570 degrees F.  I love gas cooking, but there is no way I can control the temperatures like that.  With the PIC, we don’t use the stove top either.  That two of the major gas using devices out of the way.

Before we hit the road, we replaced our old water heater with a dual heat model.   Our uses either propane or electric.  In the 18 months now that we have been on the road, we have always been at a commercial campground with electric hook-ups.  So the water heater is always on electric.  Third propane use device, gone.

Finally, the heater.  This one has been the easiest of the all to turn off.  We have an electric fireplace with 1500 Watt heater and both of our air conditioners have electric heat strips in them.  When we need to take the chill off we either use the fire place or one of the AC units.

Propane cost are about $2 a gallon and we have a 20 gallon tank.  Before we hit the road we would go through about $600 a year in propane.  Going all electric has saved that plus the maintenance cost of cleaning the heater.

We are adding a new appliance to our rig this Christmas, an electric pressure cooker.  Besides using less electric, it also cooks food much faster, up to 70% faster.  I can’t wait to find out how it works.

I will be posting about it on my recipe website at The Weekend Chef.

Sherwood Forest

Winter is so nice when you are in FL.  We have moved from Thousand Trails Orlando to Sherwood Forest in Kissimmee, FL.  We are here until the 20th of December.

Florida is bound to be our new home.  Daisy and I feel so much at ease here.  We have pretty much decided to change our residency from South Dakota to Florida.  It will cost us about $1000 in total as the vehicles are a little more expensive for the first year to register, but after that we end up saving money and it is easier to get here than South Dakota.  Drivers licenses last for 8 years vs 5 years for SD.  Vehicle registration after the first year is much cheaper.  Insurance is basically the same.  Plus we have friends here, can vote easier and something that has been on our minds is getting a hand gun.  Daisy has been asking questions so we have started to look into it.  Both of us will also get our Concealed Carry Permits  and a 9 mm pistol.  That would happen next year after we become FL residence.

Our new 10 x 10 tent came in this week.  They shipped the replacement next day Fedex.  We have it up.  Some changes, but our old top fits, so we will be able to use the screen room as well.  I don’t really see any difference in the frame, but it all works and I couldn’t be happier.

My Instant Pot Pressure Cooker is at Walmart, we will pick it up sometime today.  Its one of my Christmas presents.  Daisy and I were also over at Camping World and purchased a few little things.  I have to stay out of that store, too many things I would like to have.

I have been working on some of my websites.  The Weekend Chef and its sister sites, (the Dieting Weekend Chef, the Diabetic Weekend Chef and the Vegetarian Weekend Chef) are all getting a face lift, new database search engines, new cookbooks section and a few new features.  I also have someone overseas who is doing some programming for me.  He is developing a new recipe system that will allow my members to enter their own recipes and create custom cookbooks in pdf format.  I am excited for those features.   I also have newsletters all fixed up for each site.  So now if you are a member of any of the sites, you will receive a newsletter each week with the latest news and recipes.

This site will also be getting a newsletter and a new online store.  The newsletter will go to everyone who has signed up to follow us. The store will be for our Dry-Wash n’ Guard products as well as anything else we decide to offer.

Well, time for breakfast and then to get Daisy out of the house for her daily trip.  Walmart is calling her name 🙂

Great Customer Service

Daisy and I would like to tell you about a great experience we had recently. A couple of years ago we purchased an 10×10 Ez Up for use while camping. Last week the rain gathered on the roof and bent the heck out of the frame. I emailed the company asking how much a replacement frame would cost as it was not listed on the website or in our documentation. Sydney contacted us and asked us to provide some pictures of the damage. After getting her some pictures, she told us that they would be sending us a new unit free of charge and overnight it via FedEx. It seems that the frame design has had issues and they would replace it as required. Great customer support. They could have very easily “sold” us a new frame or unit and we would have been ok with it knowing we were way out of warranty. If you need or want a 10×10 ezup I would recommend contacting them.
Sydney Anstine
Customer Service
Exxel Outdoors