Moving Day!

The high use season is coming to an end.  This is our last 2 week stay and we are at Sherwood Forest for the next two weeks.  I still can’t figure out how a 14 mile trip from TTO to Sherwood can take almost an hour.  We left TTO at 9:28 this morning and arrived at 10:25.  Of course traffic on 192 was the usual.  Seems there are a lot of those invisible traffic lights that only a few people can see.  Cause traffic would stop for no reason and then pick up again.  The only areas that was normal was when we were in an area with regular traffic lights.  I think I managed to get the red light on about 75% of them.

We are all set up and rested.  Temperature is high 80’s with a pretty good humidity as well.  But we have a cold snap coming in this weekend.  Highs will be mid 70s.  Daisy will probably have her long pants and sneakers on most of next week.

Oh, our new microwave/convection oven is falling off the wall!  Just got off the phone with the guy that installed it.  He will be back here on Friday to fix it.  I think a brace under the unit is called for.  The brace he used on top pulled out of the wall.  The only thing holding the microwave in place ATM is a piece of wood along the top edge of the unit.

Well I need to update with our new location.  I am taking a writing class and will talk about it and my new book tomorrow.