We have a LEAK!!!

We have a leak in our Safari.  Its on the road side slide.  Dripping in at a pretty good rate above the sofa.  Checked the slide and there is hardly any water collecting on the slide.  We have slide toppers.  Granted there is a little pooling, but no where near the amount needed to drip at the rate that we are getting.

There is also a new crack in the wall above the slide.  Not sure if it is related.

20160829_161847 20160829_160837 20160829_160058Have to call the RV repairman.  Storms the next couple of days so we will pull this slide in until it can be looked at.

I need to keep this updated more.

We have left PA and returned back to FL.  Had a nice trip back.  Stopped in to see our new Great Granddaughter and Great Grandson, in NC.  Got an upgrade to a suite at Comfort Inn.  Was really nice.

Got “home”, picked up the rig and got set up.  Almost everything works.  Seems the ice maker doesn’t want to produce any ice.  Other than that we are in great shape.  Thousand Trails Orlando is one of our favorite places to stay.  We are here until the 7th of September, then down the road 3 miles to Lake Magic.

Have already been to Epcot 3 times this last week.  Think we have caught up with the major changes.  Still have to do the loop and see if any of the Country displays have changed.  I think the next stop will be Hollywood Studios.  I have a new battery pack to check out for my scooter.  Purchased an extended range battery so Daisy and I can stay longer at the parks.  Right now we get 3-4 hours before I run out of juice, with both battery packs I am hoping to get at least 9 hours or more.

Found out we have a leak on the roadside curb slide out.  It is coming in over the sofa.  We also have a slide topper so this might be working its way from the edge and down to the middle of the slide.  Will have to take a look at it once the rain stops.