VA is finally moving…

Well, after 3 months of waiting for the VA to reopen my disability claim, I have had my first Compensation and Pension evaluation.  I went on Monday to have my hearing evaluated.  I must say that this was the most comprehensive hearing exam I have ever had.  Over 90 minutes of multiple hearing tests.  At the end the doctor said she could not discuss the results, which I understand.

I did ask her if the VA worked with Siemens hearing aids and could they adjust mine.  Her answer was yes, but it probably would not do any good.  I then asked her if the VA had anything that would work for me, her answer was, “probably not”.

So, her answering my questions answered a lot of other questions as well.  It is no wonder I have been married for 44 years, I can’t hear when Daisy is yelling at me 🙂

On another note, my daughter Daisy and her family were here to visit Disney.  As soon as I can get some pictures uploaded I will post about her visit.