My draft is done of “He Is Not Alone”

After 13 months of road blocks, writer block and lack of motivation, I have finally finished the draft and initial proofing of my first fictional book, “He is not alone”.  This is a science fiction book about a man who gains the power to control people and his struggle to determine what he is suppose to do with it while staying alive as there are people in the government that don’t trust him.

The follow on book will be “They are not alone”.  We might actually have peace on earth, at least for a little while.

I will be posting the completed book here when it is done.  This is be the best place to buy it at the cheapest price.  Bookstores and online shops will be higher price to cover the costs.  Sign up for the newsletter to get notified when it is ready.

Project # 13 New Furniture

Part of the upgrade to the rig was replacing the furniture.  The Euro Chair was so uncomfortable and the sofa was showing it age and either needed refurbishing or replacing.  While out at Lazydays in Tampa, we found a nice set that would almost match the drivers and passenger seats at a price we were very happy with. Rico (the salesman) also offered to take out the old and put in the new free of charge.

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to drive the RV from Kissimmee to Tampa to have them do the furniture swap.  After all how hard can that be?  After go, no go several times and having the new flooring, heat shield, fixing the radio and some of the other projects completed, it kind of made sense to take the rig on a nice drive to see how everything held up.

So on Wednesday, we pulled up stakes and headed to Lazydays.  The first thing we noticed is the total lack of noise from the engine.  Daisy and I could actually hear each other.   We have owned the rig for about 4 years and have never really been able to have a conversation while driving.  Then we turned on the radio and wow, we could easily hear it as well.

After getting on I-4, I had Daisy take the temperature gun and check the temps on the floor and firewall.  Highest reading was 83 degrees.  In the past it would have read over 130 degrees.   So the heat shielding worked both for sound and temperature.

We got to Lazydays, feeling pretty good about adding the heat shielding.  Rico came out with the sofa and started pulling the old out out.  After 10 minutes of ripping it apart, I realized how glad I was to come and let him do it.  It took two of them about 30 minutes to get the old sofa out of the rig.  Next was installing the new sofa into the rig.  Again, they had to manhandle the sofa into the door and in place.  This one only weights about 250 compared to about 400 for the old one and it comes in pieces.  But it is so worth it.

Next was the chair.  This also came in pieces, but it was a lot easier to get into the door.

I have to tell you the chair is really comfortable.  It reclines all the way back and I can see falling asleep in it real easy.  It also holds it position as you recline or come forward.  When upright it is a swivel/rocker.  I did notice that there seems to be a design or build issue with it that I will be contacting the manufacture about.  On both arms the fabric is stretched pretty tightly over the frame and looks to be a place that will rip within a short period of time.

I will update once I get a hold of someone about this.

Project #12 Fix Headlight

You would think this is a simple project.  After all how hard can it be to replace a light bulb.  For a while now our drivers side low beam has been flaky.  Sometimes it would work and others it wouldn’t.  In the end it just quit.  Now if you have ever worked on a Class A, you know that the front of the rig has limited access.  Ours is a front engine diesel, we have a small opening in the front that you raise up to gain access for maintenance such as fluid levels, battery checks etc.  The light in question is on the far right hand side of that compartment, just out of reach of my arms.  If I tried to get to it from under the rig you have to be as thin as a rail to sit up there and be able to reach the plug.  But I managed.  Pulled the plug out and removed the bulb. Guess what!  It isn’t bad.

As I am trying to figure out why the bulb isn’t working, I see that one wire isn’t connected very well.  So, I work on reconnecting it.  Then I noticed that the plug seems to be disfigured.  ITS BURNT.  I am concerned that this might not be an easy fix.  But I cut the plug off and head to the parts store.  Advance Auto actually had the plug!  Come home and Daisy and I have the new plug installed in just a few minutes.  Daisy can get in from the front and push the wires into the crimp connector and I laid on the ground with the crimpers.  Light bulb is now working.

Total Cost $7.00


Project 8 Carpet and Tile Update

Re Carpet Your RV was here on Saturday to finish up the carpeting and flooring.  We are very happy with the end product and I would highly recommend Eric and Re Carpet Your RV.  As far as I am concerned he went above and beyond what any other contractor would have done to make sure we were not only happy with the job, but that OUR interests were first in his mind.  From mold and rotten wood to taking the extra step of molding and throw carpets.  He work tirelessly to get everything working and completed to high standards.  And we loved the price and end results.

Contractor: Re-Carpet Your RV, Eric is owner and salesman.  Phone 352-324-2894

Project #8 New Carpeting and Tile

For this project we decided to contract it out.  We are using Re-Carpet Your RV, Eric is the owner.  His phone number inf FL is 352-324-2894.  Let me say they go above and beyond in service and he won’t accept payment until you are satisfied.

Eric quote us $3000 to replace carpet with carpet and tile with tile.  When he started the job on Monday, he found mold and damaged flooring.  He explained that he could keep going if we wanted or he could come back after we had it fixed and complete the job.  He came back.  See projects 8A and 8B.

Now along with this job we wanted to some heat shielding and repairs to the one slide out floor.  When we discussed this with him, he included doing both of those jobs in the original price (no upcharge).  He was back today to begin laying the carpet and tile.  He will return on Saturday to complete the job.


This is Day one progress

This is a rough fit of the flooring.

Saturday they will be back to finish up the work.  The carpet around the engine still needs to be done, flooring in the kitchen needs to be done before he can trim and finish the carpeting, the floor on the slide out has to cure overnight.  I am looking forward to showing off the new look.

We also have new furniture to pick up, but that is another project.

Project #11 Fixing Soft Spot in Slide Out

The curb side slide out had damage before we purchased the rig.  It was taken care of in a half ass matter.  We fixed some of it when we first purchased the rig but the floor was still soft in the corner.  The proper way to fix this would have been to remove the slide, take out the floor and replace all the flooring.  Total cost of about $12,000 and several weeks in the shop.  The patch that was done was removing a section of the wood that was rotten and replacing both inside and outside panels.  There apparently was some wood that wasn’t sealed right and started to rot, causing the soft spot.  Eric from Re-carpet Your RV said he would take care of this for us while installing our new carpet (another project).  Today he laid down some fiberglass and resin.  The patch feels really solid and at no additional cost to the carpeting job.

Project #10 Heat Shielding

Our 2007 Safari Simba is a front engine diesel.  We have had a growing heat issue in the cab area when driving since we got it four years ago.  Driving down the road the temperature at our feet will reach 135 degrees, making travel very uncomfortable.  With the upgrades and repairs that we are doing this was an area we really wanted to address. So, I called Monaco and talked to the techs there.  They recommend that I contact Dynamat.  A quick call and they recommended Dynaliner in the 1/2 inch size.  The sales literature says it is suppose to reduce the heat by up to 150 degree as well as cut down on engine noise.

Well today it was installed.  This is a very easy process.  Dynaliner is a foam mat that is sticky on one side.  A simple process of cutting and placing it in place and then using their tape to seal the seams.  Can’t tell you if it works yet as we are still stationary and getting new carpets in.  But we are very hopeful. Since we are also getting new carpeting, this will be the padding under the carpet.  The padding that is being laid down is 3/8 and this is 1/2 inch.

Total cost for Dynaliner was $280.00.  Purchased from dealer and not direct.  Saved over 50%.  Dealer was Crutchfield (

Project 8A Mold Remediation

This project is a result of the contractor (Re-Carpet Your RV) finding Black Mold when they ripped out the old carpeting.  Black mold is toxic and can cause all kinds of health issues.  So remediation is required.  Luckily it is not a difficult process.

To remove black mold in our rig we are using Concrobium’s  Mold Control.  We have gloves, face masks, paint brushes and paint trays (to pour the mold control into).  Total cost for this project is about $37.50.

Both Daisy and I did this together.  Daisy did one side and I did the other.  Total time 20 minutes.


Project 8B Replacing Rotten Panels

During the installation of the carpeting we found mold and two rotten side panels in the cab area.  Project 8B is the replacing of the side panels.  To start with both panels were removed.  On the drivers side the insulation was glued to the panel and on the passenger side it was glued to the wall.

Replacing the insulation on the driver side I used a sheet of 3/4 inch foam. Too keep the cost down, I used one sheet and pieced it together.

The side panels are cut from a sheet of 2.7 mil plywood.  This really wasn’t as hard as I expected.  The corners where pretty square.  Everything was glued on with Liquid Nails.  This was definitely a measure twice, cut once job.  I actually managed to follow that rule and only needed to make a minor cut on the drivers side.

Daisy was heavy into painting.  We will have to Spackle and repaint the seems but for now it is looking good.