Another campground visit coming to an end

I can not believe how fast time if flying.  We have been at Orlando Thousand Trails for two weeks already.  There is so much to see and do in this area and at the campground itself.

Weather hasn’t been the warmest, seems we brought the cooler weather with us from PA.  But still 70 degrees beats the 20 and 30’s they are having back home.  Woke up this morning to high 40 degrees. Already it is 63 degrees with a light wind.

We went to the RV show last week in Tampa.  Hershey is a bigger show, but Tampa is laid out better and I think has more vendors, which is what we were looking for.  Daisy found a new outdoor mat for the campsite.  8 x 20 ft and less than $40!

TTO (Thousand Trails Orlando) is a great campground.  We only had 30 amp service, but really didn’t need the 50 for the air conditioners.  We are also getting better an monitoring the power usage.  Managed to get by without tripping any circuit breakers although we did trip the GFI one time.  I think the raid and our outdoor lights might have done it.  We have a corner lot so lots of space.  Great neighbor as well.  Even the birds are cool.  We have a couple of Sand Cranes that visit the lot every now and then.  Saturday I was able to get within a couple of feet of them.  The activities here have been really nice.  Each weekend they have live music.  During the week there seems to be something going on every day.

But all good things must come to an end, so Wednesday we are heading to Peace River.  Heard good and bad about Peace River, but that doesn’t bother us.  Seems most of the bad stuff are from people who expect too much or want full hook ups with no issues all of the time.  We already know several people that have headed down there or are already there.  Going to go fossil hunting along the river this week once we get there.  Maybe find some place to do some metal detecting.

We have gotten with a couple of our friends while down here.  Sandy and Ron met us for dinner at Cracker Barrel one night.  We met them while I was in the military and remained in contact over the years.  The we stopped by Sherwood Forest Campground and caught up with JoAnn and Jim.  They are ‘new’ friends we met at Sea Pines over the summer.  They are camp hosts.  That is a job I could enjoy when we come off the road.  We went out for dinner on Friday and had a good time.  We are going into Sherwood Forest after we leave Peace River.

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