Another Project Underway

We recently attended the Tampa RV Show, trying to decide if we wanted a new rig or just bite the bullet and upgrade what we have.  It didn’t take long to realize that the cost and quality of the new rigs just didn’t make sense for us.  So upgrades are the order of the day.

The first upgrade was actually a repair.  We had a water leak over the sofa.  That was actually fixed a few months ago, but it left a damaged ceiling over the sofa.

Ceiling BeforeTo repair this I thought if we dropped the cabinet and pulled down the old ceiling I could replace it with some ceiling tiles and then a sheet of plastic used in bathrooms.

Everything went pretty well with this project.  The only real issue were three screws that stripped and we had to cut the heads off.  Here is the final results.

ceiling AfterThe dealership wanted over $4500 to do the repairs.  Our cost was $70 in materials and tools, plus a lobster dinner for my helper and his wife ($100).

This project is a success.

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