Arley, AL otherwise known as Hidden Cove.

Let me start off by saying, they weren’t kidding when they named this place HIDDEN.  It is about 5 miles from no where.  But a very nice park and great staff.  We got here on Wednesday late afternoon.  We were met at the gate with all of our paperwork in order and told which sites were available.  The campground has two main areas, section A is primarily 30 amp and section B is 50 amp.  We had our choice of 4 sites in section B.  Got all settled in and started looking over the paperwork.  The campground sits on the shores of Smith Lake, which is actually a dammed up water way for hydro electric power.  Someone told us it has 500 miles of shore line.

Included was a pamphlet about the local area.  Let’s just say, don’t blink driving through Arley 🙂  But there appears to be a lot of things to see in the area.  First is the Natural Bridge, then the Civil War Museum and the Longest Covered Bridge in AL.

The Civil War Museum is one of the best privately run museums I think I have been to.  History of the area, the civil war and the early US were every where.  I even learned some stuff!  Entrance is $5 a person, but well worth it.  They even have ghosts!  The museum sits on Crooked Creek and was the site of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Union Col. Abel Streight’s battle on April 30th, 1863.  The museums address is 516 Co Road 1127, Vinemont, AL 35179.  When you go ask Fred about the ghosts.

If you are anti Walmart you will be happy to know that you have to travel to Jasper, AL to find one, probably 25 miles from the campground.

For those of you who have been to The Oaks at Point South, that place was in the middle of civilization compared to here.  But a nicer sky you won’t find anywhere.  In the evening go sit down by the lake on the observation deck, nothing but stars.


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