Back Home!

We made it back to Lancaster area!  Lots of things have been happening.  We have had a few mechanical problems, which is to be expected when you have a 7 year old RV.   Luckily they are minor issues.  Things like the stairs wouldn’t extend, the awning would not retract and a propane leak.

I took care of the propane leak.  Kind of proud of that.  Had to replace the regulator.  Stairs were just a loose wire.  That is also taken care of.  The awning is going to be another issue.  The fabric needs to be replaced.  Hopefully the awning will be repaired in October.

When we arrived at PA Dutch Country, our lot was not one of the more level ones and we broke a seal on one of the levelers.  So we will be replacing it along with the springs the beginning of Oct.

We have two RV celebrities in the campground.  The folks from and Mobile RV Academy are here.  They are offering a 5 day class teaching people hold to become RV Inspectors.  After talking it over with Daisy, I am going to take the class.  The course is 5 days and at the end you are certified to inspect RV to determine if there are any hidden defects that the buyer should be aware of.  Hopefully this will do two things for us, first is make me more comfortable with understanding and troubleshooting the different problems with the RV.  With a little luck I would have any more $2700 fuse issues.  The second thing will be a way for us to earn a little extra money doing inspections for banks, warranty, insurance and individuals.  We had one of these done when we got our extended warranty program last month.

We are going to be here at PA Dutch Country until the end of the month.  Then will transfer over to Hershey Thousand Trails for 3 weeks.  Towards the end of October we start heading South, with the first stop at Williamsburg, VA.

I will be reviewing the course next week.  Hopefully it will be as good as I have read and heard.  I am looking forward to being better prepared for traveling with the RV.

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  1. “We have had a few mechanical problems, which is to be expected when you have a 7 year old RV.” I am curious how you would feel with a 18 year old coach. Every one has some issues. We were warned that a DP motor home could require about $5000 a year in maintenance. Just spent $550 for an oil change. Never mind the alternator replacements, the generator rebuilds, etc. etc. etc.
    Bottom line, enjoy the lifestyle. We do. We would not trade it away, mechanical issues or not.

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