Back in the arms of Thousand Trails

We are back in Thousand Trails network and camping basically free ($3.50 a night). Arrived at Horseshoe Lakes in Clinton, IN on Thursday. Sitting in the B sections where we were just a couple of months ago. Rain followed us from out West so last night was stormy. Today was a great day. Highs in the mid 70’s, sunshine and a nice breeze.

We are suppose to be here for a week, but, Daisy and I were talking about leaving early and cutting the stays shorter so we can spend some more time in PA before heading South to FL. Will discuss it more tonight.

You can tell the kids are back in school. Hardly anyone here except the full-timers and retired folks. Went to the Coffee Social yesterday and the Adult Social last night. Would be nice to have some of these folks travel with us. Hopefully, as we travel we will get to meet some more travelers.

Posted on Facebook that I was looking for a few good RV Techs to travel with us, it got a lot of laughs.

Well, since I have reviewed this campground before and we hit the major hot spots last time here, there isn’t much to review. If we find anything during our wanderings, I will be sure to let you know.

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