Can’t believe another 2 weeks is coming to an end.

First, I know I was suppose to have the second part of the delamination process done today, but the manufacture hasn’t gotten the information to me yet.  Hopefully it will be ready for next weekend.

We are Sherwood Forest until Wednesday then we will be heading to Mobile, AL for 2 weeks.  I can’t believe that the Winter is coming to an end and it is time to leave FL.  It has been a great Winter!  We saw Manatees, a couple rocket launches, met some new friends, got back together with some old friends.  Learned some new board games, made repairs on the rig, got the car fixed, broke the car, waiting for the car to be fixed again.  Watched some great sunsets, woke up to some peaceful mornings watching the river go by.

I think I am over the Peaceriveritis.  It is  a illness that I hope to catch again next year.   Not sure if Sherwood Forest has any specific illnesses, but it has been a great place to stay.

I think you will start to see some videos showing up here soon.  I am thinking of taking some of the pictures we have taken of our time here and using Camtasia to create something unique.  I really like the Camtasia software.


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  1. I should share some photos of our delam. I think the wall should be some what easy to fix. The floor also shouldn’t be too bad. But that’s a winter project, Summer is coming I need to get the old beast on the road

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