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Reviews of Encore parks including Thousand Trails, Naco, Mid Atlantic, RPI, Enjoy America and Outdoor World parks we visit.

Had to get away!!!

In the beginning of June we put our Class A in storage in Orlando and headed to PA to visit family.  Well after 30 days staying with family, we had to get away.  So we borrowed our son-in-laws truck (our old Dodge) and a pop up from our son (our old pop up) and headed to Chestnut Lake, Port Republic, NJ for a couple of weeks.

Boy has it been a while since we used a pop up.  This one is basically a tent off the ground with air conditioning.   Well, a little more than that, I mean we do have cold running water and lights.  I must say I enjoyed it.  Even the raining nights listening to the rain drop on the canvas.

Chestnut Lake is just North of Atlantic City on Route 9.  It is an old NACO park.  They have updated the pool and lounge which are pretty nice.  Down side is the lounge closes early.  8 PM during the week.  I suggested to management that they extend the hours, but they weren’t very receptive.   Our lot was in the trees (on purpose).  We had water and electric.  They pump out twice a week, but we didn’t need that service.

Met a few nice people.  Couple next to us had three large dogs.  He was in the hospital as the dogs broke his hip while he was walking them.  He got out of the hospital on Wednesday so only got to say hi.  They were moving from a Class C to a Class A.  Both were much older units.  Seems that the electric on the sites might need some help.  His AC wouldn’t work on 30 amps but worked fine on 50.  The rig is wired for 30 amps.

Another couple had just purchased their travel trailer.  I watch them try to find the “perfect” spot for over an hour.  They would back in, pull forward, back up and repeat over 20 times.  Each time they would try the awnings, slide and then pull out again.  I offered help, but naturally they declined.  After they set up at another site, I explained that I was a Certified RV Inspector.  Boy did that start the questions.  We had two appointments to go over their rig but both times they had left the campground to do something else.

I liked the campground but they don’t have much in the way of activities.  Candy Bingo was about it.  Nothing during the week.  The campground was about 1/3 full during the week but filled up for the weekends.

Bugs are terrible.  Poor Daisy was bitten up every time she left the trailer.  Geese are also a problem.  They are feeding and crap all over the place.  They also don’t seem too afraid of cars, dogs or people.

Well, time to close this one.  Have a good weekend.

Guess It Is Time For An Update!

We are on vacation!  I know that sounds strange when you consider that we live full time in an RV.  But Disney and Universal have us on black out until August so we decided to put the rig in storage and travel North for a couple of months and free load off the family 🙂

That lasted almost a month!  So bored and out of it.  Daisy and I borrowed the pickup truck from out Son-in-law and the popup from our Son and headed to NJ for a couple of weeks.  We are staying at Chestnut Lake.

Campground is ok.  I was concerned about all the trash around the dumpsters.  They were finally emptied on Friday, just before the next rush.  We have a nice site, in the trees and it is cooler than in the open fields.  Since we are using a popup we only need electric and water.

Pool area is nice and so is the lounge. Staff have been friendly as are the campers that we have met.  There are no activities that we know of.

The campground itself is North of Atlantic City about 10 miles I would guess.

VA called this week, they wanted me to come in for some testing.  Told them we were on vacation and would have to reschedule.


Well time to do the laundry and check out the pool.  Have a great weekend.

Moving Day!

The high use season is coming to an end.  This is our last 2 week stay and we are at Sherwood Forest for the next two weeks.  I still can’t figure out how a 14 mile trip from TTO to Sherwood can take almost an hour.  We left TTO at 9:28 this morning and arrived at 10:25.  Of course traffic on 192 was the usual.  Seems there are a lot of those invisible traffic lights that only a few people can see.  Cause traffic would stop for no reason and then pick up again.  The only areas that was normal was when we were in an area with regular traffic lights.  I think I managed to get the red light on about 75% of them.

We are all set up and rested.  Temperature is high 80’s with a pretty good humidity as well.  But we have a cold snap coming in this weekend.  Highs will be mid 70s.  Daisy will probably have her long pants and sneakers on most of next week.

Oh, our new microwave/convection oven is falling off the wall!  Just got off the phone with the guy that installed it.  He will be back here on Friday to fix it.  I think a brace under the unit is called for.  The brace he used on top pulled out of the wall.  The only thing holding the microwave in place ATM is a piece of wood along the top edge of the unit.

Well I need to update with our new location.  I am taking a writing class and will talk about it and my new book tomorrow.

Lake Gaston Outdoor World

We have moved again.  Spent a few days with our friends staying at their place, but it was time to move on.  I am up for Son-in-law of the year award again as we have picked up my mother-in-law and will be dropping her off in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks.  In the mean time we are staying at Lake Gaston Outdoor World in NC.

Of course we got here just as everything was heating up with the massive rains and the hurricane.  We also arrived Gaston Lake just as the weather started turning bad.  Lake Gaston’s season is coming to a close as well.  Most of the activities are done and the campground is empty.  Finding a site was pretty easy.  The 200 section is FHU with 50 amp service.  Our site is not the most level in the world, but with all the rain, we figured we would stay put for a few days and then see about either moving or making another attempt at leveling out the rig when things dry out.

Currently TV and WIFI are very limited.  The campground WIFI is down and we get 3 over the air TV stations.  Forget satellite as this is a wooded campground.  Verizon signal strength is ok.  We do have 4G but only a couple of bars.  My adapter will be here this week so I will be able to install the WIFI and the cellular antennas.  Although the laptops show only our MIFI available and we are miles of anything, so I don’t expect much in the way of options.

The adult lounge is ok.  They have some puzzles and books as well as a TV with roof antenna, no cable or satellite.  Laundry mat has 4 washers and 4 driers.  Each $1.50 per load.  The store is nice, they have a little cafe, ice cream and some food stuff along with knick-knacks.  Staff is really friendly.

Littleton, is the closes town, but not much there.  You are better off driving about 15 miles to Roanoak Rapids for dinners and shopping.  Walmart it there as well.

Lake Gaston and Who Ordered This Hurricane?

We have been on the road now for over a year.  During that time we have managed not to have any liquid sunshine (rain for those that don’t camp).  I was sure today was going to ruin a perfect record, but the Lord was watching out for us.  I got started with my tear down chores around 8:45 AM and no rain, oops liquid sunshine!  By 9:30 we were pulling out of Skyline Ranch and heading to Lake Gaston.

I drove for part of the way and it tried a few times to start raining, but then stopped.  Daisy took over driving for the last part of the trip.  This was a long day, with over 240 miles to travel.  Wouldn’t have been too bad except the route took us on all kinds of back roads.  Speed limit said 55, if you were suicidal!  We got here around 2 PM and got set up, again no liquid sunshine.  But I am beat.  Not sure what the issue is, but I feel like I was run over by a herd of buffalo.  Really beginning to think my medication needs to be thrown out the window.  I am on blood pressure meds yet, don’t have a problem with my blood pressure and never have.  When I talked to the doctor about them, he said you are on it for high blood pressure.  When I told him I don’t have high blood pressure, he was kind of stumped.  He did drop the one med down to half a dose.  But I’m still having problems.  Guess I should talk to him again.  Maybe see him when he takes a vacation in FL this Winter hehe.

Anyway we are at Lake Gaston, Littleton, NC for a couple of weeks before heading to Myrtle Beach.  We have my mother-in-law with us and we will be dropping her off when we get to Myrtle Beach.  Then we head South to FL.

Lake Gaston is a nice campground that is getting ready to close for the Winter.  Most of the activities are done and the pool is closed.  They are on a 30+ mile long lake so I am sure we can find something to do.  We managed to get a 50 AMP 3 point site near the lake.  WIFI is good for Verizon.  Will be putting up the new antenna next week after all the rain is done.  Did I mention that we are scheduled for rain everyday until next Monday!  Something about a cold front and then a hurricane coming ashore somewhere around VA/NC border.  A couple of our Facebook friends that live in the area said they are calling for 10 inches of rain.  Will have to wait and see.

Well tonight is going to be an early night for me.  Being retired I can go to bed any time I want and I am going to hit the sack early.

I will be posting a how to article soon about our antenna set up.  I need to get one more cable adapter ordered so that I can hook up the WIFI antenna to the new WIFI router.  The cell phone set up is all done.  I also moved the antenna to the front of the slide to make hook up easier and reduce the length of the cables I was using.  Hopefully that will increase the gain and improve the signals.  Article, pictures and results will be posted soon.

Our Sea Pines Adventure Continues…

We have been at Sea Pines Thousand Trails in Swainton, NJ now for a little over a week.  Our daughter Daisy and her family were down last weekend for the holiday, but they stayed at Lake and Shore, just up the road.  I have to say that Sea Pines is much more roomier.  Hopefully Sea Pines will spend the money and upgrade all the sites to 3 point sites in the future.  But with free honey wagon service twice a week it is not a problem.

This weekend we had something we haven’t had in a while, LIQUID SUNSHINE!  Yes, it actually rained on Saturday.  So we spent most of the time in the RV.  Around 4 PM it finally stopped raining and we took a drive, up North.  We drove up to find Chestnut Lake.  We were members there back when it was a NACO park.  Drove through and found it to be a lot cleaner than we remembered.  Will have to make a trip there sometime for camping.  I was disappointed that the $50,000 littering fine sign was gone.  It always amazed me that they would charge that much for littering.  Guess it didn’t work out.

While we were on our little trip we stopped by Allens Crab Shack in New Gretna on Route 9.  This was an old time favorite eating place when we were camping at Black Bass State Forest in the mid 90’s.  We were still tent camping back then.  The place still looks the same.  Daisy was a little disappointed that they didn’t have Oyster Stew, but she loved the Clam Strips. I had Shrimp and Scallops, really good.

My new electric scooter should arrive on Tuesday.  Ended up saving more than $100 on it. I was going to order it from Wayfair but it was out of stock, so I searched the web and found it on Overstock for about $50 less!  As I was ordering it, I was ‘qualified’ for a 10 percent discount, saving another $55 and free shipping.  Now I will be able to do the Boardwalk without being in a lot of pain and discomfort.

Speaking of discomfort, yesterday, I was sitting at the computer, watching Harry Potter, when the chair broke.  The back of the chair snapped off.  The metal pole stabbed me in the back.  Hurt like hell for about 30 minutes.  So sometime today the chair will go back to Walmart and I am getting a plain old metal chair.

Well, time for me to make breakfast, egg omelet with fried onions, mushrooms, ham and cheese.

Moved Again!

Well the adventure continues.  On Wednesday, we moved to our last PA stop of the year, to Circle M in Lancaster, PA.  I had heard a lot of stories about this place and was a little concerned, but this is a really nice campground.  Two pools (indoor and outdoor), playground, game room, par 3 golf course, miniature golf and daily activities.

Our lot is a good size and not right on top of one another.  Layout is a little confusing, but still I would love to have a family get together here as you can just about create a circle of campers.  Circle M will be a return to place for us when we come back to PA.

We are getting a new car!  Well new to us.  As soon as the paperwork is done we will be picking up a 2008 Hyundai Tucson from a private seller in the Middletown area.  Got a really good deal and researched Carfax, NADA and used my auto code reader and inspected the vehicle.  I was so surprised at the amount of information that was available on the vehicle maintenance and condition.  I feel really comfortable with this purchase.  Of course time will tell.

We are at Circle M for another 9 days and then head down to the Jersey shore to Sea Pines for 3 weeks.  We have been there before and Jim and JoAnn Rohn are there (playing camp hosts).  It will be nice to see them again.


Timothy Lake South

We are at Timothy Lake South near Stroudsburg, PA.  This area is known for its water falls.  There have to be a dozen or more in the area.  The other day we took a short ride and went to Childrens Park and followed the path to look at several falls.  Its an easy walk along paved paths.  Plenty of Park Rangers to provide information and keep people safe.

Timothy Lake is actually two parks, North and South.  North has a water park (closed this year for repairs) and has more scheduled functions during the weekend.  The park itself appears to be more cabins and seasonal.  Timothy Lake South is more open and camper related.  Still a good bit of seasonal but plenty of spaces for the transient campers.  The pool is really nice with a life guard during the weekends.  Weekend activities are pretty good as well.  I am the undefeated frisbee tick tack toe champion!

Falls5 Laila Falls1 Falls2 Falls3 Falls4


Haven’t updated in a while…

One of the problems being at home is we have done most of the tourist things years ago.  We are in PA Dutch Country, a Thousand Trails park and will be here until the end of the month.  In general our plans have changed, again 🙂  This Summer we were planning to head up to the Northeast and visit New England.  Well a few weeks ago, Daisy and I talked about our plans and decided to stay in the area to visit with friends and family, take care of some medical issues and generally relax.

PA Dutch Country is one of those parks that I think you either love or hate.  We really like it here.  Its wooded, out of the wind and direct sunlight.  Close to all kinds of stuff, yet off the road so you don’t get a lot of traffic noise and no trains.  On the downside is the shooting range, which runs only during the day time.  Many people complain about it, but there is nothing you can do about a business that is about a mile away through the woods, gunshots carry pretty well.

Medically, this has not been a good trip.  I spent 4 days in the hospital due to some bleeding issues only to leave on Sunday when they decided the tests I was scheduled for on Monday were no longer medically necessary.  Which means there also was no reason for me to stay, so at 11:30 at night, I left.  Hospitals are not on my favorite places to be list.  They rank above going to the Dentist, even for visiting.  I am fine now, but slightly depressed with all of the stuff I have had to go through the last couple of weeks and the not knowing.  But with the Lords help, I will get over it.

Trip wise, we will be leaving here on the 29th.  Heading to Boat and RV in Hamburg, PA to have the new leveler looked at.  It keeps retracting and after working with Lippert we found that jack is the issue.  Then it is to Timothy Lake South for a couple of weeks.

After than it is back in the Lancaster area at Circle M and then Sea Pines before we head South for the Winter.  We should actually be in FL in November!

Oh my book has been printed, which if you follow me on Facebook you already know about.  I will have a Meet the Author on July 25th at PA Dutch Country.  I am hoping to have one at each campground we visit so stay tuned.


Hershey USA!

Well, close anyway.  We are now at Hershey Thousand Trails and will be here until June 1.    Came in on Wednesday and got set up in the lower half of H section.  Free 50 Amp service, but no satellite service this time.  Too close to the trees 🙁

We have been to Hershey before so not much to state about it.  Have been spending the last couple of days working on the revisions for my book.  I am going to have it printed so I combined all three eBooks into one volume.

Got the revisions done today, but need a new cover.   The ones I used for the eBooks won’t work for printed copies, but I combined them all into one book.  232 pages of pure RV knowledge hehe.

Still have a few things to finish up on the book and then figuring out what to sell it for.  I would like to do some RV rallies and get together’ s which is the main reason for printing a book.

Oh, I completed the certification training this week for Dri Wash n’ Guard.  I am now a Certified Director.  Kind of cool.  Always did like being certified, first as a Systems Engineer, then Microsoft Trainer, SQL Server DBA and now a Director with DWG!