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Reviews of Encore parks including Thousand Trails, Naco, Mid Atlantic, RPI, Enjoy America and Outdoor World parks we visit.

Good Bye Gettysburg, hello PA Dutch Country

We have left Gettysburg and arrived at PA Dutch Country just in time for the holidays.  This is the most crowded I have seen PA Dutch Country since we started with Encore almost two years ago.

We managed to get here at a good time.  We are in the F section which is 50 amp and found a corner lot with extra room.  All set up and ready for 3 weeks of comfort and fun.

Friday we went and visited one of our old favorites, Green Dragon Flea Market.  We had heard that they had a fire last year after we left the area.  It burned down two buildings.  They have build a new one in their place but it wasn’t open yet.  Still a nice way to spend a day.  Produce was priced right and the food was good.  Picked up some new socks too while we were there.

Our youngest two (Sue and Daisy Jr.) came up over the weekend.  Sue, Angela (grand daughter) and Laila (Daisy Jr daughter) came in on Saturday night for the rest of the weekend.  Daisy Jr., Putt (her husband), and Lee Ann (another grand daughter) came up on Sunday for the day.  Was nice to see them all.  Daisy and Putt might be getting a fifth wheel as well as taking a membership off of our Elite Connections.

Also received our 2 x 6 ft banner for Dri Wash n’ Guard,  Have to find a way to hang it now on the RV.

My laptop died on Friday.  So I now have a new Dell.  It has taken most of the weekend to get it installed, files copied and applications all back in use.  Then went to work today on the old laptop.  After a few hours it is also back in use.  But lost most of the applications that were on it, data still is there.

PA Dutch Country is an older campground.  Set in the hills just off the turnpike exit for Lebanon/Lancaster.  It is an Outdoor World park.  They have a nice pool, miniature golf, adult lounge, store, wifi (Tangonet).  Good Verizon cell service.  Lots are basically wooded so limited satellite service.  About a dozen over the air TV channels.


Lynchburg, VA

Well, we have left another campground on our way North for the Summer.  We stayed at Lynchburg Thousand Trails just outside of Lynchburg, VA.  This is a nice campground, although when we checked in it was just opening for the season.  So, no activities, no pool and actually no campers.  Well there was one camper but he left the next day.  We arrived on Wednesday before Mother’s Day.

We were scheduled for 2 weeks, but decided to head up to Pennsylvania early as my mother was in the hospital and with Mother’s Day coming up thought it would be a nice thing to do. So we checked out on Saturday and came into  Gettysburg Farm in Dover, PA.

The staff at Lynchburg was very nice and the sites seem to be ok, not as level as I would like.  We stayed in the C section.  Good Verizon service and over the air TV was ok.  C section has a lot of trees so no satellite.  I expect that to be the norm for the Summer with the satellite.  I will probably drop the service pretty soon until we head West.  Just doesn’t seem to be many places where we get good service and when we do, the channel selection just isn’t what it use to be.  But that is another article some day.

Anyway we are in Gettysburg and have already stopped to visit family.  We are only here until the 20th of May then heading up the road just a few miles to PA Dutch Country for 3 weeks.  We will be closer to our family there.  From Dover, PA to the Philadelphia area is about 85 miles.  Which makes for a long day since most of it is non-highway driving, it takes a couple of hours.


We say good bye to Forest Lake

We have left Forest Lake and started heading North.  We stopped at Lynchburg Thousand Trails outside of Lynchburg, VA.  This was about 155 mile trip which is kind of short for us.  I like that as most trips are in the 250 mile range.  We did manage to get here and set up before the rains came.  There was even some small hail mixed in with the heaviest down pours.  I must say we needed a good rain.  The car was so dirty, I almost wanted to take the Dri Wash n’ Guard magnets off until we could give it a good cleaning.

I think we are one of only 3 or 4 people here.  We parked next to a single gentleman who is leaving either today or tomorrow morning.  Since I am writing this at 1:30 in the afternoon and he is still here, I am betting in the morning.  This campground is just opening up after the Winter and nothing it scheduled until late May.  Even the pool is still closed and empty.  So there is nothing to report about the activities or functions here.  Maybe later this year we can stop in again as we head South.

The staff has been pretty friendly and security seem pretty good.

As for the area, that will have to be another post.  We did go into Lynchburg last night for dinner, but did not check out anything else.  The campground is about 5 miles or so from the nearest town and about 20 miles from Lynchburg.  The roads in the campground are stone and very dusty.  Our site is 30 Amps and not as level as we would like.  In fact, we may steal the neighbors site when he leaves.

Over the air TV is pretty good with about a dozen channels.  I have satellite, but most of the sites are pretty wooded unless you are in the A section.

Overall, it is a nice place.

Arley, AL otherwise known as Hidden Cove.

Let me start off by saying, they weren’t kidding when they named this place HIDDEN.  It is about 5 miles from no where.  But a very nice park and great staff.  We got here on Wednesday late afternoon.  We were met at the gate with all of our paperwork in order and told which sites were available.  The campground has two main areas, section A is primarily 30 amp and section B is 50 amp.  We had our choice of 4 sites in section B.  Got all settled in and started looking over the paperwork.  The campground sits on the shores of Smith Lake, which is actually a dammed up water way for hydro electric power.  Someone told us it has 500 miles of shore line.

Included was a pamphlet about the local area.  Let’s just say, don’t blink driving through Arley 🙂  But there appears to be a lot of things to see in the area.  First is the Natural Bridge, then the Civil War Museum and the Longest Covered Bridge in AL.

The Civil War Museum is one of the best privately run museums I think I have been to.  History of the area, the civil war and the early US were every where.  I even learned some stuff!  Entrance is $5 a person, but well worth it.  They even have ghosts!  The museum sits on Crooked Creek and was the site of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Union Col. Abel Streight’s battle on April 30th, 1863.  The museums address is 516 Co Road 1127, Vinemont, AL 35179.  When you go ask Fred about the ghosts.

If you are anti Walmart you will be happy to know that you have to travel to Jasper, AL to find one, probably 25 miles from the campground.

For those of you who have been to The Oaks at Point South, that place was in the middle of civilization compared to here.  But a nicer sky you won’t find anywhere.  In the evening go sit down by the lake on the observation deck, nothing but stars.


Sherwood Forest and Peaceriveritis

Well we finally left Peace River.  We are now at Sherwood Forest in Kissimee FL (outside of Orlando).  This is an Outdoor World Park and pretty nice.  The site is 50 Amp FHU with a nice open sky to get satellite.  Although cable is free so I end up watch both.

Jo Ann and Jim Rohn are here and they are the Camp Hosts.  We met them at Sea Pines over the summer.  We are also close to Sandy and Ron Edmonson, who are friends from our military days.

Sandy and Ron were over for dinner on Saturday and we ended up playing Rail Baron from Avalon Hill until midnight.  Hopefully we will get together with them again soon.

On Sunday we took a drive to Cape Canaval to watch a rocket launch, but it was canceled at the last minute.  We will have to go back to the cape again to explore.  We have already decided that the Winter of 2015 we will be spending back in FL.  Way too much to see and do for one Winter.

So I know you are wondering what is Peaceriveritis!  When we were camping at Peach River, we would have our coffee and tea down by Peace River which ran behind our campsite.  It was so peaceful in the morning watching the water roll by that I looked forward to it just about every day.  Well when we moved up here to Sherwood Forest, the river is gone.  I woke up the first day here, got my coffee and was head out the door before I realized that there was no river to watch.  I was actually sad and even a little upset that I couldn’t watch the water.  Hence I had Peaceriveritis!  I think I am over it now.  But it took a couple of days.

When we were at Orlando Thousand Trails we had gotten a %50 gift certificate to Boston Lobster Feast.  We went there Friday night for dinner.  It is buffet style with whole lobsters, crabs, clams, Salmon, Sushi and a bunch of other stuff.  It was soooo good.  Daisy had 2 lobsters, I liked the crab better so I ate my fill.  We were so stuffed afterwards.  Hopefully we can go back another time.  It is  a little expensive ($45 each), but was very good.

Tomorrow we go to Disney with Jo Ann and Jim.  Going to be a long day.  Daisy wants to ensure that the little boy in me has my fill.  Later this week we will do Sea World.  Thursday afternoon we stopped at Disney Downtown.  That was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Today is a down day.  Laundry, minor fixes on the campsite and rain.  Will let you all know about our trip to Disney later this week.  Stay warm up North and I hope you get a lot of snow!

Peace River Another Great Stop

We arrived at Peace River on Wednesday.  Very nice park but a little confusing when finding a spot.  It is probably not too bad outside of peak season.  We lucked out finding a spot just after someone moved.  We are along the river and it is a great spot.  Each morning I sit out by the river and watch the water roll by.  Well almost each morning.  It rained hard last night and the ground is really soaked.

Which is creating problems for several rigs that are trying to get on the road today.  I watched the tractor pull a Class C out of the mud this morning.  Just came back from a walk and there is a Class A sunk up to its rear axle in mud.  They are waiting for Good Sams to come tow them out as the tractor doesn’t have the traction to do the job.

Haven’t done much sight seeing yet.  Have driven around for food and a Walmart stop.  Thinking maybe Monday of going sight seeing.

We finally saw our first Safari Simba!  Sat and talked with the owners for a couple of hours.  Daisy is getting all kinds of ideas on how to modify our rig.  She really wants to remove the carpet and tile and lay down wood planks.  We will see 😉


The Oaks at Points South

Well we arrived here on Saturday after leaving Dickens RV in NC.  Trip down wasn’t too bad for a holiday weekend.  We did sit in traffic for a little bit and had an unknown noise coming from the rig when we were in the stop and go traffic just North of our exit.  Found out that we lost the pin to the dolly and the noise we heard was the ramps rubbing the ground as we pulled out.  Got a new pin so that shouldn’t be a problem again.

Finding The Oaks was a problem.  GPS wanted to take us down a road we knew was not correct.  After some searching we did find the proper driveway and pulled in.  All spots are pull through with 50 amp service and full hook ups.  This campground does not have paved roads or sites.  It is basically a sand base and when it is wet, the ruts show up.

I would say this is a transient campground.  Not many seasonal sites that I have seen.  People are real nice.  The area around here has nothing.  Couple of fast food restaurants and gas stations.  If you are looking for entertainment, it won’t be found here.  On the positive side, it is quite and a nice area to walk.  They have a little lake around back complete with alligators (small ones from what I have seen, maybe 4-5 ft).

It is  a nice place to stop for a few nights or a week.  If you plan to sight see, be prepared to drive as most things are 30-45 miles away or more.

Getting warmer!

We have finally left North Carolina and some of the colder weather.  Spent the Thanksgiving holidays with our grand daughter and her husband and his family (Jill and David Spivey).  Was a good time and good food.

Left there on Saturday with a mostly uneventful trip, until that noise started.  We were in stop and go traffic when all of the sudden this scrapping noise started each time we started to pull up in traffic.  Naturally we pulled off and checked under the RV, the car and the dolly.  Nothing looked out of place.  But it continued until we got to the campground.  Of course the GPS couldn’t find the campground and after  phone call and stopping for help we located the campground.  While Daisy was checking things out I went to look at the dolly.  Sure enough that was the problem.  Seems we lost the pin that holds the ramps up when traveling.  Not sure how as it is safety pinned.  But anyway that was the problem.  So sometime in the next couple of weeks I need to get a new pin.

We are at The Oaks at Point South.  Nice little campground in southern South Carolina.  Spots are assigned.  No Satellite for me but it appears to be hit or miss as there are a lot of trees with some openings here and there.  Also over the air TV is limited, I think we get 8 channels.  I am getting 4G on Verizon with about 3 bars.  The cell phone amplifier is no help.  Monday will be calling Wilson one more time.

The Oaks at Point South is a small park with 88 campsites, all 50 amps and pull through parking.  It is unimproved roads (sand/dirt) so when it rains the ground is kind of soft.  The area around the campground is pretty much empty.  Once you get about a quarter of a mile in either direction plan on a 25 mile trip to anything.

We will be doing some site seeing tomorrow so I can tell you more about the area then.

Forest River, NC

Well we finally left Dickens RV.  I am now fully Certified as an RV Inspector.  We left Dickens on Monday and drove over to the Greensboro, NC area about 2 hours away.

Forest River is actually outside of Greensboro, NC off of Route 64 near Mocksville, NC.  Forest River is a Thousand Trails park, so we are staying basically free.

I did some math and by February our Encore Connection membership will be paid for based on the number of days we have camped so far at a rate of $40 a night.

This park is pretty nice.  Good size lots, open spaces with plenty of Southern sky (satellite TV).  Although I haven’t found any over the air TV.  Will work on that tomorrow.  Which brings me to my next point.  We are getting new batteries for the coach.  Got a great deal on 4 6 volt GC2 batteries.  Seems Advance Auto has a sale when you order online with a special code .  We had to do it four times, but we got each battery for only $76 each.  Tomorrow we have someone coming over to remove and replace our batteries.  After that we should be good to go for boondocking in 2017.

Not much activity around here.  There is Bingo on Friday nights.  But that is concert night, so Daisy had to choose.  Bingo lost.  Weather got real cold last night.  Down to 17 degrees.  Lost water, I forgot to turn on the electric belly heater.  But no problems, sun came up and we have water again, with no leaks.


Williamsburg Outdoor World Review

We started our second leg our our journey by heading to Williamsburg, VA from Hershey, PA.  This is another one of our membership parks with our Encore Connections Membership.

Williamsburg Outdoor World is north of Williamsburg proper just off the I 64 exit at Norge, VA,  It is a nice park in rolling wooded hills.  You can pretty much forget Satellite coverage, all though there were some lucky people, most of the sites will not allow much coverage.  They do have new WIFI and cable for most of the park.  These are extra of course.  Verizon worked well both for cell and WIFI coverage.

Activities were good even this late in the season.  We attended two Chili dinners and a campfire sponsored by the park.  They do have an indoor pool, store, adult area and game room.  Staff was friendly and helpful.

All in all this is a nice park.  I would camp here again.

If you are in the area I would like to recommend two restaurants.  First is Capt George Buffet.  This is a seafood buffet and a little pricy at $36 a person.  But if you go on Sunday from noon till 4PM you can eat for only $27 per person.  It is well worth the price.  The second restaurant is a little bit of a road trip South on I64 to Hampton Roads ext 263 then head East for about 2.8 miles.  On the right hand side you will find Tappanyuki a Japanese Buffet.  At $9.95 a person, you won’t have a problem with leaving stuffed.  Sushi was very good and many different options to choose from.  They also have a Hibachi Grill and 8 other tables of food.  This is a must visit place if you like Japanese food.

Well we have left Williamsburg and arrived at Fuquay Varina, NC to visit our oldest grand daughter and our first great grand son.  We are parked at Dickens RV Park.  Will write up about this unique park over the weekend.