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DWG the Perfect RV Based Business

In my last article I talked about the Perfect RV Based Business and its requirements.  I want to make myself clear, we are talking about a business where you and you alone determine what you will do, how much you want to make and even if you are going to work or not. This is not a click ads and someone will pay you or hold a party for someone else and receive a few gifts type of thing.  I am talking about a real business where you are in charge.

Dri Wash n’ Guard has been around since the early 1990s.  They are an international company with product sales in many countries.  Corporate Headquarters is in NV.  The main drive is environmentally friendly products, primarily waterless cleaners.  That is all I will say about the company at this time.  The main purpose of this article is to show you why DWG is the perfect RV based business.

Following the previous article, the first point for the perfect business is a business that allows you to work with or without you spouse. Now some of you  won’t understand why this is important and others will.  Being able to work with your spouse doubles everything.  Your spouse might be better at demonstrating how to use the products in the RV while you prefer to do the exterior.  Your spouse might be better at talking to people and generating interest while you are better at showing rather then talking.  Your spouse might be an idea person while you are a doer.  Regardless, having your spouse help doubles what you can do alone.  Even the washing and polishing of the RV goes quicker when the spouse is able to help.

Now lets take the second point, employees. One of the advantages of DWG products is that they do not require water.  A simple one step process cleans, polishes and protects.  This is great for RV as it cuts down the time required to clean and polish the rigs.  Since it doesn’t require water, you can maintain the RV regardless of whether or not the campground allows washing of the rigs.  This is the bases of a service based business.  You can hire some younger folks to do the work and you keep the profits.  For example, on the East Coast, to wash and polish an RV they charge around $10 a foot.  Our 38 ft motor home would cost us $380.  It takes about 6 hours for two of us to use DWG products on the roof, sides and chrome.  If you hire two younger folks at $20 an hour to clean the rigs, you make $140 profit.  Work with the campground and a local school to hold a fund raiser.  The money the kids would earn goes to the charity or is split between the kids and the school.  Either way you make your profit.

Now no business will succeed without making money.  Business principles I learned in college stated that in order for a business to be successful it had to make money.  Having multiple streams of income means that they business would be better able to survive if something happened to one stream of income, say a large customer stops using your product.  I learned this the hard way back when I was doing computer consulting.  I had a great customer, he was buying desktop and servers custom built from me.  Everything was fine until he got a huge order from a new trade school.  They orders 200 desktop machines and 8 servers.  Naturally I got the order, but I needed funds to purchase the parts to build that many machines and the wait for the client to pay me when I delivered.  The problem was called cash flow.  I got a line of credit from the bank, built the machines, delivered them to my client.  It took him a month to get them to the trade school.  Now the trade school was in start up mode.  No students yet, which meant no income or negative cash flow.  So they did what most businesses do and didn’t pay for the computers, which meant my customer couldn’t pay for the computers, which meant I couldn’t pay the loan.  My major customer was costing me money rather than making money and my major stream of income dried up.  Yes I had other customers, but they were minor compared to this one BIG customer.

How does this apply to your DWG business?  First off you have multiple streams of income right off the bat.  You make a 20-40% retail profit from every product that you sell.  You have the capability of having a service income from cleaning RV, cars, trucks,
buses, planes, boats, ATV and just about anything else that needs to be cleaned, such as business store windows.

You can sell to other businesses, such as the campground store where they sell to their customers.  This is wholesale business.
You give them a  discount and they sell at whatever price they want.

Each DWG dealer has the ability to use the company website to sell products or you can create your own Internet Store.  I use both.  You can see my store at and click on Our Store.

Now an income that is unique to home or RV based businesses is bonuses.  Every multi-level marketing business has some form of bonus.  Bonuses are helpful when you business starts to grow and you have some volume in sales, either from your own sales for from your group (we will talk about that in a minute).  Many MLM businesses will use bonuses as the means to making the majority of the money in their plans.  Face it when you and your group are selling tens of thousands of dollars a month a small percentage bonus still is a nice additional stream of income.

The last income I want to discuss is business duplication income.  This is the income from helping others build their own business.  Think of it as another form of wholesale and bonuses combined.  It is fairly easy in principle, you find and help someone start their own DWG business.  You sell them products at what ever level discount they are at withing the DWG business (20%, 30%, 40%) and you keep the rest (depending on whatever level you are in the business).  For example, Daisy and I are Directors (40% discount level).  When I sign up a new dealer, they are at the 20% discount level.  They buy products at 20% discount and I get paid an additional 20% ( my 40% – their 20%).

So for example the new dealers sells $1000 in one month.  They would make $200 ($1000 x 20% = $200).  I would make $200 from their sales ($1000 x 40%= $400 – their profit of $200 = $200 for me).  In addition, depending on my bonus level their sales plus
my own sales might get me a bonus of 10% meaning I would get at least another $100 at the end of the month.  This is why MLM is so popular.  Imagine if you have 5 dealers in your group.  All of them selling $1000 a month in products.  You could make an additional $1000 a month from wholesale profit and another $500 a month in bonuses without doing any selling yourself.  Of course that is just an example.  No group of people would ever sell exactly the same and your level within the business will dictate the wholesale profits and bonuses.  But it does show the potential.

If you noticed that in the example in the last paragraph, I did not sell any products in order to make the bonuses.  There is a requirement that you must purchase products each month in order to be eligibile for bonuses.  This is handled by DWG very easily.

They have an autoship program that each month will ship you a set of products for a set price, normally around $100 – your discount level.  By being on autoship, that covers all product purchased for any of the programs. So you can see, your monthly inventory, if you will is only $100 – your discount level or $60 in my case.

None of us know everything about a new business.  Even if you know all about your service or products, there will be parts of the business that are new to you.  This is where training and support come into play.  Without a good training and support network you will be forced to play the trial and error method which means you will make costly mistakes and spend a lot of time learning how or where to find the information.

DWG offers a lot of training and support options all of which are free.  There is a weekly certification program that covers a lot of material over the 6 weeks of phone based classes.  In addition the company website offers lots of free information on products, business opportunity and history of the company.  If none of them help you, you can contact your sponsor, the company itself or the certification trainer via email and phone.  All of which are free of charge.

DWG products are the heart of the business.  In 1990 DWG invented Waterless Cleaning Technology.  Today that same technology is driving our business around the world.  Our products fall into two categories, Home and Auto.  Don’t let the Auto throw you any of our products can be used in a wide variety of ways.  Just about every product has multiple uses.  I use the waterless car wash on glass, plastic, paint and more.  In fact about the only place I haven’t used it is on my tires, we have a product for them as well.  This business is built on a very simple demonstration called Squirt the Dirt.  It is a 30 second demo in which I have the customer actually use the products on part of their vehicle or home.  I like the hood, but I want a them to tell me where they have a problem cleaning, then I choose the product, explain to them what to do, then have them spray, wipe and buff.  So far I have yet to have that fail.  Once they see how easy and how well it works, they buy. Its called the Salesman in the Bottle.

Finally, there is the question of do I need to spend a lot of money on inventory?  The answer is its up to you.  The company website allows your customers to order when ever they want and have the products shipped to them.  Which means no inventory required.  However, many people are I want it now type.  Also a new customer won’t understand what it is they want and probably won’t order.  For that reason I carry a limited amount of products for the quick sale.  Depending on how you want to build your business you may want to carry some for setting up at flea markets, garage sales or car shows.  The point is, inventory is up to you.

Now, you’re probably wonder what is this all going to cost.  DWG has several programs for starting your own business.  Everyone starts as a DEALER.  The basic cost is registration fee which is $44.65. Which get you registered and allows you to purchase all products at a 20% discount.  There are no products purchased and you are free to choose what products you want to try and/or inventory.  The other programs are a combination of products and include the registration fee.  The most popular is the Smart Start Dealer package for $238.95.  It includes a great sample kit (either home or auto) that has all of the common products for demonstration and training along with some products for resale.  Of course if you want to jump right in and move up the commission scale at the same time you can spend $795 or even $1495, get more products to inventory and receive a bigger discount on all future purchases.
If you have questions, want to see a demonstration or want to sign up as a dealer, please contact me at  Let me know the best time and way to contract you and I will do my best to make sure you have all the information required.  If you want to look at the website please go to and use the PIN code of 293305.

Perfect RV Business?

As RVers we have a unique set of circumstances.  We travel around the country meeting new people and seeing new places and we have limited storage space available.

Back when my wife and I were in a stick and brick home we tried numerous businesses.  AMWAY, AMSOIL, AVON, Consulting, Training, Website hosting and design, Embroidery to name a few.  All of them had an appeal and we made a little money.

The perfect business would allow you to work with or without your spouse.  Many RV based businesses do not provide for the spouse to actively help with the business.  Avon for example doesn’t really work well for men. Although I was an AVON rep in CA, I soon lost interest as the local police felt I was doing something shady.  The perfect RV business would be one where both the husband and wife had areas where they might help each other.  For example, manual labor done by the husband and sales performed by the wife or vis versa.

The perfect business would allow you to work with or without employees.  Very few RV based businesses allow for the hiring of employees.  This is a shame as it limits the income producing to what you alone can do.  Not every one wants or needs employees, but it is nice to be able to hire additional sales or service people when needed.  Imagine, you could have a business where all you do is travel and collect the bonuses each month while your employees sell and perform services on a per job or commission basis.

Income streams are the life blood of your RV based business.  When you have a stick and brick store, your income is usually limited to sales or service.  With an RV based business you really want to have as many income streams available as possible.  Some of those income streams are: Service, Retail, Wholesale, Bonuses, Internet Sales and Business Duplication Income.  Service and Retail are pretty self explanatory.  Bonuses are common to almost all RV based businesses and vary based on performance.  The more you do the higher percentage your bonus will be and the more extra income you make.  Almost all of these businesses are geared toward helping others start their own business and those your ‘group’ sales increase and you make more money from the bonuses.  The down side to this is that the bonuses start over each month from zero and if you have a bad month, then your bonus suffers.

As it was pointed out with bonuses you need to make a sales quota in order to get the bonus.  Some RV based businesses also require that you meet a certain sales quota each month or you loose your standing with the company.  The ideal RV based business would be one with no monthly sales quotas as you will be traveling and enjoying the local areas and may not want to work the business that month.

No one knows all aspects of running a business.  In the beginning you may not even know much about the products or services you will be offering or even how to run the business.  The ideal RV based business should offer free training, especially for new owners.

As with free training, free support is also a major consideration for the person starting an RV based business.  The last thing you want is to have to give your credit card or give up some of your hard earned bonus to find out the answer to a question or how to do something business related.  So the Perfect RV Based business should offer Free Support.

Paul Getty once stated that the secret to success in business is to have products or services that everyone needs or wants.  So the perfect RV based business would allow you to offer something that appeals to all.

With our limited storage space an unique requirement for the perfect RV is that there be little or no inventory requirements.  That does not mean that you can’t inventory products, but you shouldn’t be required to have inventory on hand or be required to purchase a certain amount each month.

Finally, since many full time RVers are retired and on limited income, there should no be a high cost to get started.  This is a business so some expenses will be required.  Things like business cards, samples, flyers, car decals, advertising etc are to be expected.  However, large expenses for business start up cost should be avoided.

Of course I didn’t write this article just to get you thinking, I do know of the perfect RV based business.  In the next article I will explain why Dri Wash n’ Guard IS the perfect RV based business.

Waterless Times

As Dri Wash n’ Guard distributors, we get a quarterly newsletter.  I would like to share it with you.

Dri Wash n’ Guard is a great waterless cleaner, polish and protection protect for our RV and can be for yours as well.  When we first found out about DWG Waterless Car Wash, both Daisy and I were amazed at how easy it was to clean our RV.  A simple spray on, wipe, let dry for a few seconds and then buff.  Great protection and beautiful shine.

If you would like to try a sample, sent me you mailing address at

eTimes Spring 2016

If you would like more information on how to become a Dri Wash n’ Guard dealer and save 20-40 % on our great products, contact me at the same email address

I am a PUBLISHED author!

Well my books about Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV have been published!  They are available in PDF, Mobi, ePub, Kindle and printed formats.  I even have them listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Who would have thought, in high school I could not stand English, college wasn’t much better.  Then the Air Force forced be to do some technical writing.  Now I love to write.  These books are the forth attempt at writing.  Years ago I wrote a small eBook for a game called Everquest.  Then I wrote a book on Starting an Embroidery Business.  More recently I wrote a how to book on Starting A Mobile RV Detailing Business.  My latest work is based on my training around inspecting RV as a certified RV inspector.

You can find the books at

I have  a goal of 10,000 copies sold.  Why, that should help me buy a new motor home.  A guy has to have  a goal every now and then.

To celebrate I am offering a special deal.  For $30, I will send you  a signed and numbered printed copy of the book.  This will help me raise some money to buy a few printed books for book signing and marketing of the book to places like Encore, Camping World, FMCA and other camping related businesses.  Ask me how to get your copy.

I’m an Author!

You may have received an email by now that I have been writing a series of books about Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV.  These books are now available on (another one of my websites).

In the first book, Finding the Perfect RV, I discuss how to find the perfect RV for you.  Whether you are a weekender, seasonal for full timer.  I tried to use my experience of the last 40 years to make sure it was relevant to all types of campers.

The second book, Buying the Perfect RV, I discuss the inspection of the RV before purchasing, the financing, insurance and other aspects of purchasing an RV.  The checklist alone in this one should make it worth while as well as save you from some costly mistakes.

The third book, Using Your Perfect RV, is mainly for those that are new to the recreational vehicle world.  Maybe you are moving up from tents to RV or just taking the plunge.  Here we discuss, safety, tires, packing, weight management, unpacking, setting up etc.

Each of these books has a set of checklist so you don’t miss anything while finding, buying and using the perfect RV.

You can read about the books at Using Your Perfect RV.


Our income on the road

Many full timers work part time jobs or businesses.  Some workamp and others have side line businesses.  I have always been an entrepreneur and therefore looked for a side business that would work for me.  As you know, I am a certified RV Inspector and write articles almost every week.  My website at RV Inspection Service ( has all of the articles I write and a book store for the books I am writing as well.  That is not the only income we have been working on building up.  We are also Dri Wash n’ Guard Directors.

Dri Wash n’ Guard (DWG) is known for it Waterless Car Products.  They have some really high quality waterless products for keeping your car and RV clean and looking good.  If you haven’t had someone do the 30 second “Squirt the dirt” demonstration, you really need to see it.  When I do it, we find a dirty spot on  your vehicle, hand you the bottle and the towel and have you clean the dirt away, WITHOUT WATER!.  It truly is amazing.

But having good products is only part of the story, if you don’t make money at it, there isn’t a  good enough reason to work the business.  This is an issue with a lot of the stuff I see on the web.  It sounds great but there just isn’t the potential there.  After all how long can something last when it says no sales and no sponsoring?  How are they making money?  Stealing it?  With DWG you have a set of products to sell.  As stated above they are good products and products that just about everyone needs and uses.  The commissions on those products are from 20 to 40%.

Now you don’t have to sell products, you can start this business by performing services instead of selling.  There aren’t alot of home base businesses that offer this line of income.  For example, AMWAY, AMSOIL, AVON, Shaklee, Origami Owl, etc none of these have a way that you can perform a service an get paid for it without selling products.  DWG does, it is call detailing.  Yep cleaning cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, trains, planes and recreational vehicles and getting paid to do it.

I wrote a book on detailing that you can download free (or pay for it at $7.95).  To get your copy go to and select the RV Detailing Business Plan.  At check out enter FacebookDWG and the book will be free.

As with most home base businesses you can also help others get into business and you are compensated for that as your business grows.  You earn some of the commissions on those you bring into the business (this is called sponsoring).  Sponsoring is for another time.

Why not take a look at the products I sell.  You might find something you would like to have demonstrated.  There is a 30 second Squirt the Dirt demo for just about everything.  Go to


Creating videos

I have been learning Camtasia.  Camtasia is a video creation package that allows you to bring life to Power Point Presentations, Photos and Videos.  You can do a lot of amazing things with it.

I am a Dri Wash n’ Guard Manager.  I have written a manual on how to start and run a RV Detailing business.  Here are two videos I have created this week with Camtasia.

Detailing Chrome

Detailing Tires


Making Money on the Road, Part 3

If you follow us on Facebook or here, you know that I have been in training to become a Certified RV Inspector, a house inspector for RV.  When we saw this opportunity both Daisy and I saw this as a positive thing for a few reasons.  First, it would teach me about the RV that we call home.  It is essential that full time RV be a little bit more self sufficient when it comes to the systems within the RV.  Case in point was the $2800 fuse issue we had in July.  Second was as an income opportunity helping people with a pre-purchase of an RV by going over it in detail to identify issues before the sale.  The third thing was to make me more employable to campground as a troubleshooter for their customers.

This is not a cheap or quick way to make money.  There is training, business set up , insurance, equipment, tools and uniforms to purchase.  If you are starting at having nothing, I figured the cost would be around $6000.  However, the income opportunity more than makes up for the expenses over the long haul.

Starting on this path begins with a 5 day class on RV basis, Inspection process and business start up seminars.  From there you have to take a couple of exams on Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.  Once you pass those you become a Certified RV Inspector.  The company that teaches these courses also is hiring as a sub contractor inspectors around the country.  To work with them you will need to complete a 3 days class regarding the software they use, the inspection process they want followed and perform two complete inspections, one on a towable and one on a Class RV.  This course is taught around country.

Once you complete the training, you have to perform two inspections.  One on a motorized vehicle and one on the towable (fifth wheel or travel trailer).  These are done free of charge and the supplies are provided for you.  When you are done, the report is reviewed with you by one of the trainers.  You are now Certified.

Once you have the training out of the way, the business aspect should be started.  This includes starting an LLC in your state of residence.  You will also need a Federal ID number, 1 million dollar General Liability Policy, a banking account, business cards, website etc.  If you will be working with RV Inspection Connection as a sub contractor, you will also need to sign their agreements.

As a sub contractor you receive your assignments from RVIC and are paid a percentage of the amount charged to the customer.  The benefit of working this way is you don’t have to do the sales, collecting, billing, credit cards, advertising etc.  You set your schedule and work when and where you want.

This is still a growing industry so some areas are slow to build and there are not enough inspectors available in all areas.  Think of this as a ground floor opportunity.  There is a good foundation and some very good people behind it.

For more information please visit:


Click here to learn more about the inspection process


Making Money on the Road, Part 2

The second opportunity we came across was another product that we found really makes our lives easier on the road, and that is Dri Wash and Guard.  We found that many campgrounds do not allow you to wash and wax your rig while staying there.  We also found that the insects of America like, no LOVE, to commit suicide on the front of the RV.  So washing it is required for safety if nothing else.

While we were at Hershey Outdoor World, we met a couple that had Dri Wash and Guard window sticker on their car.  We asked them about it and she came over and did a quick 5 minute demonstration on one of the dirtiest parts of our RV.  Within a minute we have a clean 2 sq ft area with black streaks, road grim etc gone and a nice smooth finish in its place.  Daisy and I were amazed at how easy it was.  Then Daisy asked if they had anything for carpets and furniture.  Sure enough they did.  Another 5 minute demonstration and Daisy was sold.  We purchased several different products that day.

Then after talking about it we decided that this to was something that we liked and saw an income opportunity in.  After all how often do you find something that works well, is designed for our lifestyle and is in demand by RVers, so we decided to become distributors as well.  Daisy can do the demos and I can handle any recruiting.

The cost to start up as a distributor was confusing.  It is somewhere between $45 and $300.  Basically, the $300 gets you started with some products for demonstrations and to learn with.  Since we had purchased a few already, we started with the $45.  You can always upgrade later from what we had heard.  our Dealer number is 293305.  You will need that to order any product or to sign up as a dealer.  This is one of the ways the company protects it dealers.

Making money on the road… how we are doing it

There are lots of conversations, groups and pages on Facebook where people ask something like “how do you earn a living on the road?’.  So I thought I would post what we are doing.

First I am retired military and on early Social Security.  We have some money in IRAs and the bank, so ideally, we don’t need extra money.  That is until you have transportation issues.  Those of you that have followed our posts know about the $2800 fuse issue with the RV and the recent $800 oil leak.  We also have a $2200 repair coming up in GA for hydraulic levelers.  So having an extra income sometimes is nice.

When we started looking at what can we do on the road, we wanted something that did not require a lot of money to get started, something that was easy to do and didn’t require a lot of time. Finally, something that was related to the way we live would be nice.

We have four different ideas that we are currently working on.  First was AMSOIL.  AMSOIL is a USA Synthetic motor oil company, although they do offer more than that.  I like it because its primary benefit is it saves me time and money as a user.  For the car I now change oil once every 25,000 miles or once a year.  Since I have always used synthetic oil at Jiffy Lube or another quick lube place, that once a year oil change saves me about $180 a year and several hours of waiting around.  I am also seeing about a mile per gallon increase in fuel mileage, which saves me about $20 more per year.  For the RV, I may never need to change oil again.  Diesel engines oil changes are as required.  Normally the owners would perform an oil analysis when it is time to change the filter.  The analysis will determine if the oil needs to be changed or not.  Most times it is only the filter that will be changed and a quart of oil added.  Many over the road truckers using AMSOIL will get a million miles or more without a full oil change.  When you look at 16-20 quarts of oil that is a lot of savings.

From a business or income stand point, it is fairly easy to show an RV owner that using AMSOIL will save them time and money.  Since all sales are via the web, I have no stock to carry around.  AMSOIL also has warehouses around the country, so in many cases I can order it online and drive by the closest warehouse and pick it up.

If you want to check out the AMSOIL Products please visit:

AMSOIL Products

If you want to look at being a distributor ($30 a year) please visit:

AMSOIL Business Opportunity


Tomorrow I will tell you about our second little side business.