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My draft is done of “He Is Not Alone”

After 13 months of road blocks, writer block and lack of motivation, I have finally finished the draft and initial proofing of my first fictional book, “He is not alone”.  This is a science fiction book about a man who gains the power to control people and his struggle to determine what he is suppose to do with it while staying alive as there are people in the government that don’t trust him.

The follow on book will be “They are not alone”.  We might actually have peace on earth, at least for a little while.

I will be posting the completed book here when it is done.  This is be the best place to buy it at the cheapest price.  Bookstores and online shops will be higher price to cover the costs.  Sign up for the newsletter to get notified when it is ready.

VA is finally moving…

Well, after 3 months of waiting for the VA to reopen my disability claim, I have had my first Compensation and Pension evaluation.  I went on Monday to have my hearing evaluated.  I must say that this was the most comprehensive hearing exam I have ever had.  Over 90 minutes of multiple hearing tests.  At the end the doctor said she could not discuss the results, which I understand.

I did ask her if the VA worked with Siemens hearing aids and could they adjust mine.  Her answer was yes, but it probably would not do any good.  I then asked her if the VA had anything that would work for me, her answer was, “probably not”.

So, her answering my questions answered a lot of other questions as well.  It is no wonder I have been married for 44 years, I can’t hear when Daisy is yelling at me 🙂

On another note, my daughter Daisy and her family were here to visit Disney.  As soon as I can get some pictures uploaded I will post about her visit.

What a Day!

Daisy and I went to Tarpon Springs, FL today.  Its about an hour and 50 minutes from the campground and was the largest sponge port in the Country.  They have small cruises from the port as well as a museum and a movie.  Lots of shops and some good eating places.  Parking was cheap today ($3 all day).  Went through the museum and watched the movie.  Even learned some stuff.  After Daisy’s starts getting her Social Security check we are going to take one of the boat cruises out to the light house.

On the way back, we stopped and ate at BD Mongolian BBQ.  This is a must return to place.  If you have never had Mongolian BBQ, think create it yourself stir fry.  BD’s does it right.  You start with the pasta (rice or wheat), add the meat (about 20 different kinds), then the veggies and finally the sauce(s).  When everything is ready, you take it up to the grill and they cook it for you.  Watching the cooks is almost a show in itself.  Sitting down to eat they serve you either rice or Tortillas.

To make this even better, they offer a military discount.  BD Mongolian Grill is in Lakeland FL.  It is a franchise and they are around the Country.

Princess and the Hurricane

Well it was one heck of a night. Princess finally fell asleep around 11 PM. I think the combination of drugs finally overcame her pain. Basically Daisy and I didn’t go to sleep until 1 AM. Around 5 AM Daisy got up with Princess as we had a pretty bad storm. I woke up long enough to find out what was going on and went back to bed. We are up now, getting our tea. Still raining. But winds and lightning are not an issue.
Princess has a slipped disk in her lower back. We are on a medication and limited movement routine for the next 2-8 weeks. Today, I will be doing something that goes against my very being and that is buying a crate/cage/prison for her. Limited movement for the first week is extremely important according to the vet and the papers we were given. She needs time to let the disk recover. Otherwise she could lose the use of her back legs and be in a lot of pain.
Your prayers for one of Gods creatures are requested. Thanks

I need to keep this updated more.

We have left PA and returned back to FL.  Had a nice trip back.  Stopped in to see our new Great Granddaughter and Great Grandson, in NC.  Got an upgrade to a suite at Comfort Inn.  Was really nice.

Got “home”, picked up the rig and got set up.  Almost everything works.  Seems the ice maker doesn’t want to produce any ice.  Other than that we are in great shape.  Thousand Trails Orlando is one of our favorite places to stay.  We are here until the 7th of September, then down the road 3 miles to Lake Magic.

Have already been to Epcot 3 times this last week.  Think we have caught up with the major changes.  Still have to do the loop and see if any of the Country displays have changed.  I think the next stop will be Hollywood Studios.  I have a new battery pack to check out for my scooter.  Purchased an extended range battery so Daisy and I can stay longer at the parks.  Right now we get 3-4 hours before I run out of juice, with both battery packs I am hoping to get at least 9 hours or more.

Found out we have a leak on the roadside curb slide out.  It is coming in over the sofa.  We also have a slide topper so this might be working its way from the edge and down to the middle of the slide.  Will have to take a look at it once the rain stops.


Had to get away!!!

In the beginning of June we put our Class A in storage in Orlando and headed to PA to visit family.  Well after 30 days staying with family, we had to get away.  So we borrowed our son-in-laws truck (our old Dodge) and a pop up from our son (our old pop up) and headed to Chestnut Lake, Port Republic, NJ for a couple of weeks.

Boy has it been a while since we used a pop up.  This one is basically a tent off the ground with air conditioning.   Well, a little more than that, I mean we do have cold running water and lights.  I must say I enjoyed it.  Even the raining nights listening to the rain drop on the canvas.

Chestnut Lake is just North of Atlantic City on Route 9.  It is an old NACO park.  They have updated the pool and lounge which are pretty nice.  Down side is the lounge closes early.  8 PM during the week.  I suggested to management that they extend the hours, but they weren’t very receptive.   Our lot was in the trees (on purpose).  We had water and electric.  They pump out twice a week, but we didn’t need that service.

Met a few nice people.  Couple next to us had three large dogs.  He was in the hospital as the dogs broke his hip while he was walking them.  He got out of the hospital on Wednesday so only got to say hi.  They were moving from a Class C to a Class A.  Both were much older units.  Seems that the electric on the sites might need some help.  His AC wouldn’t work on 30 amps but worked fine on 50.  The rig is wired for 30 amps.

Another couple had just purchased their travel trailer.  I watch them try to find the “perfect” spot for over an hour.  They would back in, pull forward, back up and repeat over 20 times.  Each time they would try the awnings, slide and then pull out again.  I offered help, but naturally they declined.  After they set up at another site, I explained that I was a Certified RV Inspector.  Boy did that start the questions.  We had two appointments to go over their rig but both times they had left the campground to do something else.

I liked the campground but they don’t have much in the way of activities.  Candy Bingo was about it.  Nothing during the week.  The campground was about 1/3 full during the week but filled up for the weekends.

Bugs are terrible.  Poor Daisy was bitten up every time she left the trailer.  Geese are also a problem.  They are feeding and crap all over the place.  They also don’t seem too afraid of cars, dogs or people.

Well, time to close this one.  Have a good weekend.

Guess It Is Time For An Update!

We are on vacation!  I know that sounds strange when you consider that we live full time in an RV.  But Disney and Universal have us on black out until August so we decided to put the rig in storage and travel North for a couple of months and free load off the family 🙂

That lasted almost a month!  So bored and out of it.  Daisy and I borrowed the pickup truck from out Son-in-law and the popup from our Son and headed to NJ for a couple of weeks.  We are staying at Chestnut Lake.

Campground is ok.  I was concerned about all the trash around the dumpsters.  They were finally emptied on Friday, just before the next rush.  We have a nice site, in the trees and it is cooler than in the open fields.  Since we are using a popup we only need electric and water.

Pool area is nice and so is the lounge. Staff have been friendly as are the campers that we have met.  There are no activities that we know of.

The campground itself is North of Atlantic City about 10 miles I would guess.

VA called this week, they wanted me to come in for some testing.  Told them we were on vacation and would have to reschedule.


Well time to do the laundry and check out the pool.  Have a great weekend.

Disney Pin Traders

Daisy and I are now Disney Pin Traders.  We purchased about 100 pins via eBay (all legal trading pins) and sat down to separate them.  Then we purchased a couple of lanyards for our training sessions.  Well today, we went to Magic Kingdom and completed our first trades.  Daisy even found a Daisy Duck pin!

Daisys First Pin Trade Rays First Pin TradeOh, I lost a second hat as well.  Riding the Splash Mountain.  On the last water slide.  Hat blew off.  Have to hit the 192 Flea Market and get another one.  This is 2 I have lost so far.


Moving Day!

The high use season is coming to an end.  This is our last 2 week stay and we are at Sherwood Forest for the next two weeks.  I still can’t figure out how a 14 mile trip from TTO to Sherwood can take almost an hour.  We left TTO at 9:28 this morning and arrived at 10:25.  Of course traffic on 192 was the usual.  Seems there are a lot of those invisible traffic lights that only a few people can see.  Cause traffic would stop for no reason and then pick up again.  The only areas that was normal was when we were in an area with regular traffic lights.  I think I managed to get the red light on about 75% of them.

We are all set up and rested.  Temperature is high 80’s with a pretty good humidity as well.  But we have a cold snap coming in this weekend.  Highs will be mid 70s.  Daisy will probably have her long pants and sneakers on most of next week.

Oh, our new microwave/convection oven is falling off the wall!  Just got off the phone with the guy that installed it.  He will be back here on Friday to fix it.  I think a brace under the unit is called for.  The brace he used on top pulled out of the wall.  The only thing holding the microwave in place ATM is a piece of wood along the top edge of the unit.

Well I need to update with our new location.  I am taking a writing class and will talk about it and my new book tomorrow.