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Day 4 of Our RV Adventures

PA Dutch Country B-10
PA Dutch Country B-10

Our first campsite.  PA Dutch Country (Outdoor World) in Manheim, PA just off the PA Turnpike.  We are about a mile from the PA Renaissance Faire.

Started the morning at a doughnut and coffee gathering.  Met some really nice folks and learned a little bit as well.  Learning is not hard, just listen to the stories.

Thar be windmills

Just went for a drive today.  Stopped into Circle M campground (part of Thousand Trails).  Looks like a pretty nice place.  Indoor and outdoor pools, indoor water park and a large game room.  The camping lots look pretty nice as well.


PA Dutch Country Side

Tomorrow starts Daisy’s driver training.  Ray  Casselberry from RV Driving School will be her trainer.  I think she is kind of nervous.   She is getting 8 hours of training on the motor home Friday and Saturday (four hours each day).

First full day of the rest of our lives

Well, the adventures begins.  On June 2 we started our retirement on the road.  Most of the day was spent in the repair shops 🙂  Seems the right front tire on the motor home had a slow leak.  Took it to Bergey’s Truck Tire Center in Hatfield.  They took a look at it and decided that the stem valve needed to be replaced.  They also showed me how to tell the age of the tires.  We have April 2009 tires.  A quick inspection showed they are also in good shape.  Then checked the pressure on all six and topped them off at 95 PSI.  Still have to have the rig weighed so we know what the pressure should be.

My son-in-law told me that the brake lights on the tow dolly didn’t work.  So called the dealer and they said stop on down and they look at it.  Turned out to be a bad 4 pin to 7 pin adapter.  Replaced it and got on the road around 3 PM.

Arrived at the campground (Outdoor World, PA Dutch Country) around 4 PM and got set up.   Ate grilled cheese and ham sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner.

Tuesday was our first full day on the road.  Was suppose to rain, but woke up to sun shine and nice temps.  Sat outside and read a little, then decided to get the running around done that we needed to do before it started raining.  First stop was the RV store for a lock and Silicone to take care of the sink leaking.

While driving around we found a huge flea market (Roots Farmers Market).  Spent a few hours there walking around and buying all kinds of stuff.  Will go back again next Tuesday (only open one day a week).

Dinner was another easy meal, Tomato sandwiches, no soup 🙂  We will eat better tomorrow, maybe tacos.

After dinner, we hit the pool.  Let’s just say that the water was not quite warm enough to stay in long.

Spent the night reading and catching up on Facebook.  I started to study the Bible.  Each night I am reading a little.  Daisy got me a King James Study Bible.  Have to say it is very interesting, but I have a lot of questions.

Well that is it for this update.  Will post some pictures tomorrow of the campsite, Roots and the swimming area here at PA Dutch Country.