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Project 8 New Carpets

Like all good plans, things change.  This project is on hold for a few days.  Eric from Re-carpet Your RV (352-324-2894) was here this morning and ripped out the carpet in the front of the rig.  He found a bunch of black mold.  The sofa area and both sides of the cab area.  In addition the sides of the cab area have rotten panels.  Needless to say the black mold and side panels have to be repaired before the carpeting can be laid down.

So projects 8A and 8B have been added.

Project #7 Propane Leak Testing

A while back we removed our stove top, capped off the propane line and build a cutting board where the stove top use to be.  During the building of the cutting board I had to force the propane line to move and felt it bend pretty easily.  Since we don’t use propane for anything in the rig I wasn’t really concerned about it.

Recently we found a gas grill and we want to tap into the 20 gals of propane to use the propane we have.  But I wanted to check for leaks first.  So today Dave and I inspected the line and did a leak test.  No issues.  Now to stop at Camping World to get a line to use from our tank auxiliary connection to the grill and start using it.  Will post a picture here when it is all set up.

Project #6 Fix the Radio

We have had our rig for over 3 years.  It has a satellite radio that is hooked up to house batteries and hasn’t worked in most of that time.  When we first got it everything was fine then I had a problem with a noise suppressor and it stopped working.  The noise suppressor was replaced but the radio still didn’t work.  Well today I decided since it was going to rain, that I would take a look.  The speaker amplifier had power and there was only one set of wires that were not connected.  One side was hot the other not.  So, I connected them.  NOT a good thing.  As soon as I plugged the wires together, the jacks retracted with ALL the lights flashing, the fan in the AC unit came on.  I pulled the plug apart and everything went back to normal.  Not sure what those cables go to but this boy knows he will find someone who does, before messing with it again.

Since the amplifier has power, I decided to try the radio.  It is powered from the house batteries and not the coach.  I turned it on and started playing around with the settings.  Low and behold I got a radio station.  So another project is off the list and this one has a total cost of ZERO dollars.

Project #5 Ice Maker

Our Norcold 1201M refrigerator has an ice maker.  Over the summer, we put the unit in storage and went to PA for a couple of months.  Came back and the ice maker quit working.  First troubleshooting suggested the flow valve needed to be replaced.  Picked one up a new one and within 20 minutes it was installed.  Still no flow.  Water was getting to the valve.

Called Don at Just Ice Makers, he said that the ice maker inside the refrigerator was probably bad, so I ordered the ice maker.  Whereas the installation of the valve was simple, the ice maker was just the opposite.  Four screws and the ice maker comes off the back wall.  Behind the ice maker is a power connection.  A 4 wire connection that WOULD NOT come out of the ice maker.    30 minutes of prying and pulling and it wouldn’t budge.  I finally sent an email to Don.  He had been responding pretty quickly to previous questions so I took a shot. All I can say is if you need help with a refrigerator, call Don.  He responded within 5 minutes of my email.  My kids aren’t that fast with I text them.  Turns out that the end cap has to come off and there is a catch that releases the power connection.

The ice maker is back in and we are waiting for the first test batch of ice.  Instructions says it can take four hours.  We will see.

Total Cost:  Water Control Valve – $48, Ice Maker – $139 (including shipping).

Just Ice Makers


We have ICE!!! This project is now complete.


Project #4 Kitchen Backsplash

After seeing how easy the bathroom backsplash was I tackled the kitchen today.  A different tile was used and a little more challenging.  This project had a window with a curve edge  Even with measuring twice, I still messed up a little.  But the kitchen blind will cover my mistake.

Backsplash Original

These tiles are a breeze to work with.  I found that using a piece of paper as a template really helped.  I made a template with blank paper and pencil.  Placing one edge against the wall, another edge on the counter and using a pencil to trace the outline of the window.  Then using the template, transfer it to the back of the tile.  Just remember to reverse the template before cutting.  A razor knife was all that was needed.Completed BackspashTotal Project Cost 5 tiles @ 9.97 each.

Project #3 Replacing the Overhead Lights

We have 4 overhead reading lights that over the years lost pieces.  In addition, they are HOT.  These 12 volt halogen lights needed to be replaced.  Camping World had lights that we liked and they were only $15.  So today, we replaced them all.  Step one, remove the old lights and introduce problem number one, no connectors.  The old lights had a molded connector and the new lights are bare wires.Original Light

New Lights Trip to Home Depot and of course they don’t have the connectors or even any replacements set.  So, I went with the old standby, cut the wires and put AMP Connectors on them.  Matching opposites types for hot and ground leads.

InstalledThis was an easy project.  Took about 15 minutes to do all four lights.  Much cooler and Daisy likes them.

Finished ProjectTotal Cost: 4 lights at $15.95 each, 2 boxes of AMP connectors at $3.99 each.


Second Project Underway

The next project we are tackling is putting up a new splash guard in the bathroom.  For this project the wife found a set of Smart Tiles.  These are plastic self adhesive tiles that stick to the walls.  Only tools required are a straight edge, measuring tape and a razor knife.

Here is the before picture.

OriginalThe hardest part of this project was making sure the measurements were transferred correctly.  My mistake was on the first tile.  I cut the cutout in the wrong place.  Likely you can’t see it, unless you look real close at the bottom of the electrical outlet.

First tileIt was patched with the same piece that was cut out.  So in the final work, it is very hard to see.

Ran out of tilesWe ran out of tiles and have to get two more.  But this project will cost a total of $40.


Another Project Underway

We recently attended the Tampa RV Show, trying to decide if we wanted a new rig or just bite the bullet and upgrade what we have.  It didn’t take long to realize that the cost and quality of the new rigs just didn’t make sense for us.  So upgrades are the order of the day.

The first upgrade was actually a repair.  We had a water leak over the sofa.  That was actually fixed a few months ago, but it left a damaged ceiling over the sofa.

Ceiling BeforeTo repair this I thought if we dropped the cabinet and pulled down the old ceiling I could replace it with some ceiling tiles and then a sheet of plastic used in bathrooms.

Everything went pretty well with this project.  The only real issue were three screws that stripped and we had to cut the heads off.  Here is the final results.

ceiling AfterThe dealership wanted over $4500 to do the repairs.  Our cost was $70 in materials and tools, plus a lobster dinner for my helper and his wife ($100).

This project is a success.

Safari has a LEAK

Our 2007 Safari (pictured above) has a leak. Seem that water is coming into the slide and leaking on the sofa. We have slide toppers and when I looked under then there wasn’t near enough water for the amount leaking on the inside. After some looking and talking with the wife, we think we know where the leak is and how to correct it. Last year the curbside slide leaked onto the bed. Turned out that there was a break in the seam on the end of the slide that allowed the water into the slide and then onto the bed. So I will get my eternabond tape and seal the edges of the roadside slide (once the hurricane and weather passes).

We have a LEAK!!!

We have a leak in our Safari.  Its on the road side slide.  Dripping in at a pretty good rate above the sofa.  Checked the slide and there is hardly any water collecting on the slide.  We have slide toppers.  Granted there is a little pooling, but no where near the amount needed to drip at the rate that we are getting.

There is also a new crack in the wall above the slide.  Not sure if it is related.

20160829_161847 20160829_160837 20160829_160058Have to call the RV repairman.  Storms the next couple of days so we will pull this slide in until it can be looked at.