Didn’t realize how long it has been…

Just realized I haven’t posted on here in a while, other than my articles on RV inspections.  We left PA and stayed in MD with some friends for the New Years.  Leaving on the second and traveled back to The Oaks at Point South to pick up our RV from the repair shop.  Of course it wasn’t ready as they had promised and we spent the rest of the weekend in a hotel.  Monday morning we were back at the dealership and everything checked out fine.

After spending a few days back at The Oaks we headed down to FL.  This was another long trip and Daisy wasn’t feeling well.  She had taken two trips to the doctors office over the last couple of days and had/has Bronchitis.  Between the coughing, medication and not sleeping well, she wasn’t willing to drive the rig at all.  But we were both ready to hit the road.  So Wednesday morning we left at 8:30 AM heading South on 95 to the Sunshine State.

Pretty uneventful trip most of the way.  Gas prices have dropped a lot. We saw gas for $1.85 a gallon.  Shame we use diesel.  Got into FL and then realized that that was about the half way point for our day.  Quick stop at the rest stop for some free OJ and back on the road.

I have to wonder about the GPS systems.  We were headed to Orlando FL area.  I looked at Google and figured we would take 95 to I-4 to Route 27 into the campground at Clermont.  Now I am not sure if the turn we missed because my navigator fell asleep or the route of the GPS wanted to take, but we ended up taking a bunch of back roads for the last 80 miles or so.  Little roads like  route 20, 21 and 25 (I think).  But we made it!  Got here to Thousand Trails Orlando.

Checked in and the crew was great.  They had everything for us and gave us several sites to check out.  E 50 was our first choice.  Backed in and the neighbor comes out as says, that site has an electrical problem.  Sure enough one leg is 120 v the other is 70.  Back to the office and get swapped out for E64.  All is good.

This is THE ideal retirement campground, activities everyday, lots of stuff to do in the area, lots of places to eat and things to do.  Hence the problem with me not updating this website.

We are here until the 21st then have a very long trip to the next campground.  I think the trip total is something like 68 miles.  Figured we should be in the campground around 10 AM hehe.


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