We are at Offutt AFB outside of Omaha, NE.  It is the holiday weekend and we are taking some downtime.  Nothing has been planned which is a good thing as the rains here have been daily and heavy.  Some places have had over 2.5 inches of rain in just a few hours.

We have managed to catch up with the Base Exchange and Commissary.  Forgot how good some prices could be. Mom and Daisy have done a little site seeing and we will hit a few yard sales on Saturday.  Other than that, nothing is planned.

Since Offutt AFB is not a public park, I will not be reviewing it.  For those of you that have access to military campgrounds, the Air Force has a camper program that for $40 you get a lifetime membership.  It starts off with $100 in free camping (one night out of three per visit).  You also earn more free nights as you camp through out the year.  You also get a patch, couple of pins and a guide to military campgrounds.  Pretty sweet deal.

For the first time ever camping, I think I found some non-friendly campers.  Yesterday we had a short power outage.  After checking fuses, circuit breakers etc., I went to the neighbors to see if they had power.  I knocked a couple of times.  You could hear them inside but they didn’t answer the door.  Later that afternoon, they were outside, I said hi and they didn’t respond either.  I can’t ever remember finding a camper that didn’t want to talk!

Well Saturday (today) is suppose to be sunny and no rain.  Time to cook some breakfast for the ladies and get ready to go hit a couple of  yard sales.

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