Well we joined Escapees this last month.  We are staying at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL.  We will be here for a couple of weeks.  Our grand daughter Melissa will be spending the weekend with us.  She lives in Mobile, AL and a good friend of ours from the military (Linda Poole) lives full time at the park.

For those of you that are not Escapees members they have parks around the country, mainly in the South.  I don’t know a lot about the programs yet, but the people are very friendly.  Free Hugs when you register at the campground.  We will be staying at another Escapees park in TN (Racoon Valley) later in April.  The camping rates aren’t too bad.  We are paying about $20 a night with full hook up.

Today is Flea Market day and we are waiting for Linda to show up so we can go spend some of the kids inheritance.   With a little luck they won’t have to worry about paying any inheritance tax when we pass away 🙂


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