Forest Lake, We Have Arrived

Well we pulled into Forest Lake on Thursday.  Up on the hill with satellite and good cell phone signal.  We have been here before, last year when I took Daisy to see Garth Brooks.

The site is level, good electricity, good water pressure and open sky to the South for satellite TV.  Plus we have over 30 channels for over the air TV.

Writing the third book in the Perfect RV series.  First two are done, have been proof read and just waiting for the cover art to be returned.  Then I will work on publishing them.

Finished my certification training for Dri Wash n’ Guard.  I have one class to make up and then take the test.  Saturday morning there is a yard sale here so I will set up there.  Found the perfect way to get the suicidal bugs off the wind shield and front of the bus.  It seems that Dri Wash n’ Guard’s Leather and Vinyl Cleaner removes them with no fuss.  So going to use that as a demo.  Works on painted surfaces as well.

After the Yard Sale we will most likely be heading out to see our grand daughter and our two great grand children.  This will be the first time seeing Piper!

Oh by the way, May 2nd is my birthday.  You still have time to get the cards, money and presents in the mail.  Send me an IM on Facebook and I will send you an address.

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