Garth is in the house…

OK, well not in our house but we did go see him.   Daisy is a big fan of Garth Brooks.  She has seen several of his concerts and was really disappointed when he semi-retired to raise his kids.  So naturally when he announced that he was doing concerts again around the country she was kind of excited.

We are on the road enjoying our retirement and Garth wasn’t far from Daisy’s mind.  Now being in an RV means that we follow the warmer weather.  That being said in November we should be close to Florida and enjoying the sunshine state.  Enter Garth.  He decided to have a concert in Greensboro, NC, several hundred miles away.  She was kind of disappointed, so close yet so far.  But a good thing about having a home on wheels is that it moves.  So we spent some time on the phone and managed to purchase two tickets for his show.

Thanks to RV Trip Wizard we found a campground near by and changed our plans.  We arrived at Forest Lake and set up camp waiting for Garth’s concert.  Friday was the day!

We left for the concert around 3 PM.  Had dinner at a mall near by and around 5 PM made our way to the concert.  GPS’s have no idea about parking lots and the police don’t do a very good job of directing folks from outside of the area.  Seems everyone assumes you know where you are going.  We drove all the way around the concert hall and ended up going in the entrance we had passed not knowing where we were going.  All worked out fine.  However, getting great parking near the door is NOT a benefit.  Because after the concert you are the LAST to leave.  But Daisy enjoyed herself.  She got two new t-shirts which will be well worn by Christmas, maybe even Thanksgiving 🙂

Our seats were pretty good.  Row BB section 110.  No tall people in front of us and close to the floor.  Again having great seats is not necessarily good as you are the last people to get out as well.  Can you tell I am not much of a Garth fan 😉  Oh did I mention that I have claustrophobia and don’t handle cattle marches with 10,000 people pushing and shoving?

Now to be fair Garth puts on a great show. He is a few years older now and the energy level isn’t as high, but he is still a great performer.  I do like his older music, Country Roads was a good song, OH WAIT, that was John Denver.  Ok, well there are a couple of his songs I like.  The main thing was Daisy enjoyed herself.  Happy Birthday Hon.


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