Good Bye Gettysburg, hello PA Dutch Country

We have left Gettysburg and arrived at PA Dutch Country just in time for the holidays.  This is the most crowded I have seen PA Dutch Country since we started with Encore almost two years ago.

We managed to get here at a good time.  We are in the F section which is 50 amp and found a corner lot with extra room.  All set up and ready for 3 weeks of comfort and fun.

Friday we went and visited one of our old favorites, Green Dragon Flea Market.  We had heard that they had a fire last year after we left the area.  It burned down two buildings.  They have build a new one in their place but it wasn’t open yet.  Still a nice way to spend a day.  Produce was priced right and the food was good.  Picked up some new socks too while we were there.

Our youngest two (Sue and Daisy Jr.) came up over the weekend.  Sue, Angela (grand daughter) and Laila (Daisy Jr daughter) came in on Saturday night for the rest of the weekend.  Daisy Jr., Putt (her husband), and Lee Ann (another grand daughter) came up on Sunday for the day.  Was nice to see them all.  Daisy and Putt might be getting a fifth wheel as well as taking a membership off of our Elite Connections.

Also received our 2 x 6 ft banner for Dri Wash n’ Guard,  Have to find a way to hang it now on the RV.

My laptop died on Friday.  So I now have a new Dell.  It has taken most of the weekend to get it installed, files copied and applications all back in use.  Then went to work today on the old laptop.  After a few hours it is also back in use.  But lost most of the applications that were on it, data still is there.

PA Dutch Country is an older campground.  Set in the hills just off the turnpike exit for Lebanon/Lancaster.  It is an Outdoor World park.  They have a nice pool, miniature golf, adult lounge, store, wifi (Tangonet).  Good Verizon cell service.  Lots are basically wooded so limited satellite service.  About a dozen over the air TV channels.


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