Green Dragon

Green Dragon

When we were living and working full time we didn’t get much of a chance to visit Green Dragon.  It is only open on Fridays.  Since this is the last time we will be here for a while and we had a break in the weather (no rain until late afternoon was forecast), we decided to take the trip and pickup some fruits and veggies.

Green Dragon is basically in Ephrata, PA a few miles from the PA Turnpike exit off of Rt 272.  It is a combination of buildings large and small and an outside flea market.  They have a couple of auctions as well.  Kind of like Roots that we visited earlier in our trip.

There are a couple of places at Green Dragon that you have to visit, one is a little stand outside that makes Apple  Fritters and Corn Fritters.  These 2 inch balls of greatness are a must have.  Today they were 3 for $3.50.  The other place is inside one of the building (#6 I think) and they sell Monkey Bread (some people call it Monkey Brains).  It is basically small pieces of Cinnamon Rolls all stuck together.  Both go great with coffee or tea.

Green Dragon 1

Weather kept a lot of the people away.

Green dragon 2

Main outside area.  This is where you get the Apple or Corn Fritters

Green Dragon 3

Inside part of one of the 6 buildings

Green Dragon Donuts

Fresh Hot Donuts.  These are Apple Donuts

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