Harry Potter!

Not much has been happening this Winter.  Christmas was spent with our friends from the military (Sandy and Ron).  News Years is being spent with Ann and Dennis from Maryland.

We also spent a day with JoAnn and Jim traveling around the Disney hotels.  Kind of neat having some ‘experts’ available that know their way around the Disney properties.  Thanks guys.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas:1 - Christmas Tree 1 - Daisy Decorated the Rig 1 - Ginger Bread House 1 - Gingerbread HouseAnn and Dennis came down from Maryland for the Christmas week.  Part of the time they stayed with us and the four of us went to Universal Studios and Harry Potter World.  Daisy wasn’t into Harry Potter but she did it for me 🙂  We have 3 day tickets and you need more than that to see all of the two parks.

Here are some pictures of the visit.

2 - Harry Potter Bank 2 - Harry Potter Bus 2 - Harry Potter Dragon 2 - Harry Potter Elder Wand 2 - Harry Potter Express 2 - Harry Potter Wand Interactive 2 - Macy Character 2 - Macy Parade Float 2 2 - Macy Parade Float 2 - Macy Parade Snow Man 2 - Macy Rockets 2 - Universal Christmas Tree 2 - Wheslies


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