Hershey USA!

Well, close anyway.  We are now at Hershey Thousand Trails and will be here until June 1.    Came in on Wednesday and got set up in the lower half of H section.  Free 50 Amp service, but no satellite service this time.  Too close to the trees 🙁

We have been to Hershey before so not much to state about it.  Have been spending the last couple of days working on the revisions for my book.  I am going to have it printed so I combined all three eBooks into one volume.

Got the revisions done today, but need a new cover.   The ones I used for the eBooks won’t work for printed copies, but I combined them all into one book.  232 pages of pure RV knowledge hehe.

Still have a few things to finish up on the book and then figuring out what to sell it for.  I would like to do some RV rallies and get together’ s which is the main reason for printing a book.

Oh, I completed the certification training this week for Dri Wash n’ Guard.  I am now a Certified Director.  Kind of cool.  Always did like being certified, first as a Systems Engineer, then Microsoft Trainer, SQL Server DBA and now a Director with DWG!


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