I am a PUBLISHED author!

Well my books about Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV have been published!  They are available in PDF, Mobi, ePub, Kindle and printed formats.  I even have them listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Who would have thought, in high school I could not stand English, college wasn’t much better.  Then the Air Force forced be to do some technical writing.  Now I love to write.  These books are the forth attempt at writing.  Years ago I wrote a small eBook for a game called Everquest.  Then I wrote a book on Starting an Embroidery Business.  More recently I wrote a how to book on Starting A Mobile RV Detailing Business.  My latest work is based on my training around inspecting RV as a certified RV inspector.

You can find the books at http://rv-inspection-service.com/book-store.

I have  a goal of 10,000 copies sold.  Why, that should help me buy a new motor home.  A guy has to have  a goal every now and then.

To celebrate I am offering a special deal.  For $30, I will send you  a signed and numbered printed copy of the book.  This will help me raise some money to buy a few printed books for book signing and marketing of the book to places like Encore, Camping World, FMCA and other camping related businesses.  Ask me how to get your copy.

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