I’m an Author!

You may have received an email by now that I have been writing a series of books about Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV.  These books are now available on http://rv-inspection-service.com (another one of my websites).

In the first book, Finding the Perfect RV, I discuss how to find the perfect RV for you.  Whether you are a weekender, seasonal for full timer.  I tried to use my experience of the last 40 years to make sure it was relevant to all types of campers.

The second book, Buying the Perfect RV, I discuss the inspection of the RV before purchasing, the financing, insurance and other aspects of purchasing an RV.  The checklist alone in this one should make it worth while as well as save you from some costly mistakes.

The third book, Using Your Perfect RV, is mainly for those that are new to the recreational vehicle world.  Maybe you are moving up from tents to RV or just taking the plunge.  Here we discuss, safety, tires, packing, weight management, unpacking, setting up etc.

Each of these books has a set of checklist so you don’t miss anything while finding, buying and using the perfect RV.

You can read about the books at Using Your Perfect RV.


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