Kind of a quite weekend

After Daisy finished the drivers training on Saturday, we had kind of a quite weekend.  Misty (our Pekingese) has an ear infection so on Monday she was to the Vet. She is now on medicine for both an eye infection and she scratched herself raw.

Jigger Shop

We did drive around the Lancaster/Lebanon area of PA.  Found a great place for ice cream at Jigger Shop.  All the years we have been coming out to Lancaster area, never knew about this place.  Sits in a great wooded area on Rt 117 near the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Community Building. In 1892, the Pennsylvania Chautauqua was chartered and was devoted to “The advancement of literary and scientific attainment among the people, and the promotion of popular culture in the interest of Christianity.”  Their website is

I did discover one modification I need to do to the motor home.  When we finished setting up on Saturday after the drivers training I did not open the grey tank like I usually do.  While doing dishes on Tuesday night, I told Daisy I needed to dump the tanks.  Went into the bathroom and wouldn’t you know it, the shower was full of water, the grey tank was full.  Need to have an alarm on the grey tank to warn you when it is full, rather than simply over flow into the shower. At least the black tank smells once it fills up 🙂  So being a good husband, I went to the laundromat with Daisy to wash cloths that were in the shower.  Actually found a closer laundromat than the one the guard told us about.  We were done in about an hour.

Daisy is at the graduation of one of our grand kids today.  She has a Stress test tomorrow, so I am solo until she get back from Norristown area sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow night we are going to Shady Maple Smorgasbord for dinner.  Shady Maple features 200 feet of deliciously authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.  It is a must stop when you are camping in this area.  Their website is




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