Lake Gaston Outdoor World

We have moved again.  Spent a few days with our friends staying at their place, but it was time to move on.  I am up for Son-in-law of the year award again as we have picked up my mother-in-law and will be dropping her off in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks.  In the mean time we are staying at Lake Gaston Outdoor World in NC.

Of course we got here just as everything was heating up with the massive rains and the hurricane.  We also arrived Gaston Lake just as the weather started turning bad.  Lake Gaston’s season is coming to a close as well.  Most of the activities are done and the campground is empty.  Finding a site was pretty easy.  The 200 section is FHU with 50 amp service.  Our site is not the most level in the world, but with all the rain, we figured we would stay put for a few days and then see about either moving or making another attempt at leveling out the rig when things dry out.

Currently TV and WIFI are very limited.  The campground WIFI is down and we get 3 over the air TV stations.  Forget satellite as this is a wooded campground.  Verizon signal strength is ok.  We do have 4G but only a couple of bars.  My adapter will be here this week so I will be able to install the WIFI and the cellular antennas.  Although the laptops show only our MIFI available and we are miles of anything, so I don’t expect much in the way of options.

The adult lounge is ok.  They have some puzzles and books as well as a TV with roof antenna, no cable or satellite.  Laundry mat has 4 washers and 4 driers.  Each $1.50 per load.  The store is nice, they have a little cafe, ice cream and some food stuff along with knick-knacks.  Staff is really friendly.

Littleton, is the closes town, but not much there.  You are better off driving about 15 miles to Roanoak Rapids for dinners and shopping.  Walmart it there as well.

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