Life is slowing down…

Well we moved from PA Dutch Country to Hershey Thousand Trails until Oct 21.  Then we will be on the road again heading south to FL.  Going to be a slow trip.  Won’t make it to FL until beginning of Jan 2015.

While at Hershey, I hope to get some of the little maintenance things done.  Need to replace the springs on the levelers and the awning material.  After that the only open issue is the air horn.  Tried looking into it the other day and can’t seem to figure out what is wrong.  May have to call my son-in-law for some help.  Once he fixes it will take him to Shady Maple for dinner.  Have to keep him willing to work on the rig as much as possible.

Been on the road now for 3 months and still haven’t pulled out the guitar.  So today is the day.  I have the books and stuff, just have to make time.  Will post a picture to prove I did it.  It is a nice guitar.  Thank you Dr Gerry!  I promise to get a picture to you soon.

Hershey Thousand Trails is a nice park.  They are wired for 50 Amps on most sites.  However, only one section is free (for 50 amp service), the others you have to pay for 50 amps if you want to use it.  We are in the H section and have SATELLITE!!!!  Been over a month since I have been able to watch satellite TV.  Our site is pretty level and gravel covered.  Even at the end of the season, they have quite a few events scheduled, which is nice.

Until we move again, not much is going on.  Have camped in this area for so long we have seen most of the sights.  Friday we will go to Green Dragon Flea Market, Tuesday we go to Rices.

Daisy’s Birthday is coming up so we will be going to Shady Maple for dinner and then on Saturday will get with the kids.  She celebrates her 10th anniversary of turning 50!

Oh, I am now a Certified RV Inspector.  I will be writing more about that in the coming weeks.  Hoping to get the advance class done while in FL.  Will be putting up an new website for the RV Inspection stuff as well.  Hope to write some articles to help people understand their rigs that they might be buying as well as promote the RV inspection business.

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