Luck of the Irish, I have none

Coming back from Virginia Beach, we had a little problem.  Driving home on I-64 about 8 PM or so and the car’s Check Engine light comes on.  Knowing that this happens every now and then and it is not always fatal, I pulled over the side of the road as quickly as possible.  As I neared the shoulder of the road, the other lights on the dash come on.  First the oil light, then the Alternator, then the rest of the dash lights and the engine dies.  Luckily we have a stick shift, so put it in neutral and coasted the rest of the way.

At first I thought that it was a belt or something, but all of them looked good.  It would start, but immediately die unless I kept my foot on the gas.  This was actually good news as it wasn’t anything major with the engine that I could see.  So I called my son-in-law (our mechanic) for advice.  As all good mechanics, he could tell me anything without the computer diagnostic.  So I called Good Sams for a tow.

Dropped the car off at Firestone and took a cab back to the campground.  Cabs are expensive!  $65 one way from Newport News to Norge, VA about 26 miles or so.  Anyway, Firestone calls me on Friday morning and  says that the valve cover gasket has been leaking for a while and filled up all the spark plug cavities soaking the plugs and coils.  Total bill $830.  Retirement is getting expensive.

The good news is this should stop the oil use we have been having for the last few months.



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