Lynchburg, VA

Well, we have left another campground on our way North for the Summer.  We stayed at Lynchburg Thousand Trails just outside of Lynchburg, VA.  This is a nice campground, although when we checked in it was just opening for the season.  So, no activities, no pool and actually no campers.  Well there was one camper but he left the next day.  We arrived on Wednesday before Mother’s Day.

We were scheduled for 2 weeks, but decided to head up to Pennsylvania early as my mother was in the hospital and with Mother’s Day coming up thought it would be a nice thing to do. So we checked out on Saturday and came into  Gettysburg Farm in Dover, PA.

The staff at Lynchburg was very nice and the sites seem to be ok, not as level as I would like.  We stayed in the C section.  Good Verizon service and over the air TV was ok.  C section has a lot of trees so no satellite.  I expect that to be the norm for the Summer with the satellite.  I will probably drop the service pretty soon until we head West.  Just doesn’t seem to be many places where we get good service and when we do, the channel selection just isn’t what it use to be.  But that is another article some day.

Anyway we are in Gettysburg and have already stopped to visit family.  We are only here until the 20th of May then heading up the road just a few miles to PA Dutch Country for 3 weeks.  We will be closer to our family there.  From Dover, PA to the Philadelphia area is about 85 miles.  Which makes for a long day since most of it is non-highway driving, it takes a couple of hours.


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