Making money on the road… how we are doing it

There are lots of conversations, groups and pages on Facebook where people ask something like “how do you earn a living on the road?’.  So I thought I would post what we are doing.

First I am retired military and on early Social Security.  We have some money in IRAs and the bank, so ideally, we don’t need extra money.  That is until you have transportation issues.  Those of you that have followed our posts know about the $2800 fuse issue with the RV and the recent $800 oil leak.  We also have a $2200 repair coming up in GA for hydraulic levelers.  So having an extra income sometimes is nice.

When we started looking at what can we do on the road, we wanted something that did not require a lot of money to get started, something that was easy to do and didn’t require a lot of time. Finally, something that was related to the way we live would be nice.

We have four different ideas that we are currently working on.  First was AMSOIL.  AMSOIL is a USA Synthetic motor oil company, although they do offer more than that.  I like it because its primary benefit is it saves me time and money as a user.  For the car I now change oil once every 25,000 miles or once a year.  Since I have always used synthetic oil at Jiffy Lube or another quick lube place, that once a year oil change saves me about $180 a year and several hours of waiting around.  I am also seeing about a mile per gallon increase in fuel mileage, which saves me about $20 more per year.  For the RV, I may never need to change oil again.  Diesel engines oil changes are as required.  Normally the owners would perform an oil analysis when it is time to change the filter.  The analysis will determine if the oil needs to be changed or not.  Most times it is only the filter that will be changed and a quart of oil added.  Many over the road truckers using AMSOIL will get a million miles or more without a full oil change.  When you look at 16-20 quarts of oil that is a lot of savings.

From a business or income stand point, it is fairly easy to show an RV owner that using AMSOIL will save them time and money.  Since all sales are via the web, I have no stock to carry around.  AMSOIL also has warehouses around the country, so in many cases I can order it online and drive by the closest warehouse and pick it up.

If you want to check out the AMSOIL Products please visit:

AMSOIL Products

If you want to look at being a distributor ($30 a year) please visit:

AMSOIL Business Opportunity


Tomorrow I will tell you about our second little side business.

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