Making Money on the Road, Part 2

The second opportunity we came across was another product that we found really makes our lives easier on the road, and that is Dri Wash and Guard.  We found that many campgrounds do not allow you to wash and wax your rig while staying there.  We also found that the insects of America like, no LOVE, to commit suicide on the front of the RV.  So washing it is required for safety if nothing else.

While we were at Hershey Outdoor World, we met a couple that had Dri Wash and Guard window sticker on their car.  We asked them about it and she came over and did a quick 5 minute demonstration on one of the dirtiest parts of our RV.  Within a minute we have a clean 2 sq ft area with black streaks, road grim etc gone and a nice smooth finish in its place.  Daisy and I were amazed at how easy it was.  Then Daisy asked if they had anything for carpets and furniture.  Sure enough they did.  Another 5 minute demonstration and Daisy was sold.  We purchased several different products that day.

Then after talking about it we decided that this to was something that we liked and saw an income opportunity in.  After all how often do you find something that works well, is designed for our lifestyle and is in demand by RVers, so we decided to become distributors as well.  Daisy can do the demos and I can handle any recruiting.

The cost to start up as a distributor was confusing.  It is somewhere between $45 and $300.  Basically, the $300 gets you started with some products for demonstrations and to learn with.  Since we had purchased a few already, we started with the $45.  You can always upgrade later from what we had heard.  our Dealer number is 293305.  You will need that to order any product or to sign up as a dealer.  This is one of the ways the company protects it dealers.

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