Making Money on the Road, Part 3

If you follow us on Facebook or here, you know that I have been in training to become a Certified RV Inspector, a house inspector for RV.  When we saw this opportunity both Daisy and I saw this as a positive thing for a few reasons.  First, it would teach me about the RV that we call home.  It is essential that full time RV be a little bit more self sufficient when it comes to the systems within the RV.  Case in point was the $2800 fuse issue we had in July.  Second was as an income opportunity helping people with a pre-purchase of an RV by going over it in detail to identify issues before the sale.  The third thing was to make me more employable to campground as a troubleshooter for their customers.

This is not a cheap or quick way to make money.  There is training, business set up , insurance, equipment, tools and uniforms to purchase.  If you are starting at having nothing, I figured the cost would be around $6000.  However, the income opportunity more than makes up for the expenses over the long haul.

Starting on this path begins with a 5 day class on RV basis, Inspection process and business start up seminars.  From there you have to take a couple of exams on Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.  Once you pass those you become a Certified RV Inspector.  The company that teaches these courses also is hiring as a sub contractor inspectors around the country.  To work with them you will need to complete a 3 days class regarding the software they use, the inspection process they want followed and perform two complete inspections, one on a towable and one on a Class RV.  This course is taught around country.

Once you complete the training, you have to perform two inspections.  One on a motorized vehicle and one on the towable (fifth wheel or travel trailer).  These are done free of charge and the supplies are provided for you.  When you are done, the report is reviewed with you by one of the trainers.  You are now Certified.

Once you have the training out of the way, the business aspect should be started.  This includes starting an LLC in your state of residence.  You will also need a Federal ID number, 1 million dollar General Liability Policy, a banking account, business cards, website etc.  If you will be working with RV Inspection Connection as a sub contractor, you will also need to sign their agreements.

As a sub contractor you receive your assignments from RVIC and are paid a percentage of the amount charged to the customer.  The benefit of working this way is you don’t have to do the sales, collecting, billing, credit cards, advertising etc.  You set your schedule and work when and where you want.

This is still a growing industry so some areas are slow to build and there are not enough inspectors available in all areas.  Think of this as a ground floor opportunity.  There is a good foundation and some very good people behind it.

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