Moving day tomorrow

Tomorrow is moving day. Heading back to Sherwood Forest from Crystal River. Been a nice two weeks here. But we are really tired of the no see em’s. Daisy is so bitten up, they even attacked me! Got to see some manatees, made a video for my daughters 4th grade class about Manatees. Found some really good Mexican food and even a few Walmarts. Even went down to Tampa area for a day to the Sponge Docks.
Kind of looking forward to getting back together with Jo Ann Rohn and Jim and two of our other friends in the Orlando area. Going to make some Lasagna one weekend.

Hopefully we can get our Energy Management System fixed while there.  We were suppose to get it fixed a few weeks ago, but found out that the extended warranty had a problem.  It seemed that when we were issued new credit cards that dropped the automatic payments.  Instead of getting a hold of us, they canceled the policy.  Actually worked out better as we felt it wasn’t really going to be worth it at this stage.  I know the condition of the RV and don’t feel we would have gotten our money’s worth from it over the next couple year.  So cancelling it got us money back and more than enough to fix the EMS.  The problem is one circuit board which cost about $200.

Did the trip planning up until May this year.  All the reservation are made.  We will be heading to Mobile AL for 2 weeks, then northern AL for 3 weeks at Hidden Cove.  From there to Carolina Landing for 3 more weeks.  I like this kind of trips.  3 weeks means no rushing around.  From Carolina Landing we head over to Fuquay Varina, NC to see our great grand daughter, Piper.  Some time in mid June we finally get back to PA to see the family.

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