New Batteries

We have been having problems with our batteries for a little while now. During my 3 day RV inspectors training, I could not start the generator due to the batteries. So I took some time to really look at them and noticed that the sides were bulging out and I had several dry cells. I topped off the cells with distilled water and put them into the charge mode. No luck, they were dead.

So I started to do some research. Checking online and with folks on Facebook, I decided that we should probably replace them. I was looking at removing the 4 – 6 volt batteries and installing a couple Deep Cycle 12 volts. We don’t dry camp at all and only need the batteries to start the generator and run some of the 12 volt systems in the rig while driving.

During one of our trips, we stopped into Advance Auto to do some price checking. The manager at the store waited on us. I told her what I was looking to do and she asked if we could spend a little extra time to save $50 a battery. Of course for $50 I can spend a few minutes. Then she told us of a special code she had that if you spent more than $100, you could get $50 off. The problem was that the 12 volt batteries were prices so that we could only get $50 off the two of them, plus I would have to re-wire the battery box. But the 6 volt batteries were $120 a piece and if I ordered 4 one at a time, I could save $200 on the batteries and NOT have to re-wire the box. We decided to stay with the 6 volt batteries.

So we spent some time entering our orders online, using the discount code and waiting for the order to be processed. Then they brought out the four batteries. When did batteries get so heavy!

Anyway, they are now installed and I can start the generator without any problems. I do have to take some time to check out the battery watering system as the original batteries had some dry cells and others were over full. But that will wait for warmer weather. It is on my list of things to do.

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