Oh Where Oh Where is my RV Tech At?

Well, we are in Wilmington, OH.  Made it here safe and sound, although the bus needs a little attention (again).  On the way out here from Roaring Run Campground in Champion, PA, we lost our turn signals and the leveling jacks didn’t stow properly.

The jacks went up, but the indicator still showed that the jacks were down.  Good thing I have bad hearing, so I didn’t have to listen to the alarm bells 🙂  Tried several times to see if they would reset, but no luck.  It wasn’t until we got to Wilmington Thousand Trails that they actually reset.  Will check the fluid levels this week as well as test to see if they are working now.  Called two RV repair places and neither of them have time to look at it.  The one place said bring it in and we will get to it in a couple of weeks.  Told them we are full time and of course they said that they could see it for at least a week or so.  I sure do miss my mobile repair tech (JIM WHERE ARE YOU!).

The turn signals will probably be easy to fix once I find the stupid fuse.  A little research I did shows that  starting 2007 the good old signal relay was replaced and now a days it is usually a fuse that goes bad.  Once I get caught up on the website stuff, I will break out the tools and multimeter to see what I can find.  The turn signals have to be working before we leave next Monday for Indiana.

Update:  Turn Signal problem has been fixed.  Turns out it was a blown fuse.  Will have to watch it.  If the problem happens again may have to check out why.  This was the first time towing the car so maybe the electrical system to the tow hitch will need to be looked at..  But one problem down and one to go.


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