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RVs are a big investment, both in time and money. Part of that time is the maintenance of the RV. We need to make sure that the time and money we spend are put to good use. Depending on the type of rv you have this can include engine and transmission fluid changes or just washing and waxing it.

Daisy and I are full timers and are traveling around the country as part of our retirement. We are comfortable but there have been expenses that we weren’t quite ready for. We had a $2400 fuse issue in IN, $800 car repair in VA and are looking at another $2400 for hydraulic leveler repair. These expenses were on top of the cost to get the rv ready to hit the road. So we decided to look around for some income opportunities that we could take with us. Many of you may know about workamping. It is basically working for a few hours a week in exchange for a campsite. This really isn’t for us as we still want to travel and are not ready to spend an extended period of time in one place. What we were looking for was an opportunity that we could earn some money with without having to settle down and without having to spend a lot of our savings to get started with.

So, we started to look for an opportunity that would work for us. We wanted something that would support our lifestyle, generate money, not cost a lot and most importantly, not take up a lot of space or weight. It had to be easy to do and could be done anywhere we were at the time.

We decided on Dri Wash n’ Guard.  Why?

First were the products and the premise of these products.  They do not require water.  Many campgrounds we have been at either do not allow you to use water to wash the rigs or require extra payment for the water use.  Some as high as $20 per vehicle.  Having a service to do your RV is even more expensive, charging upwards of $10 per foot or more.  DWG products work and work well.  The 30 second demonstration proves that.

Second was the business plan.  Most direct sales businesses require that each month you basically start at the bottom.  It doesn’t matter what your sales were last month, this month your sales are zero and you bonuses start at that level.  With DWG your sales are cumulative and when you reach a new commission level you stay there until you reach the next level.

Third was the no stocking requirement.  That does not mean that you cannot stock.  But it means that you don’t have to.  If you choose to, it is up to you what products and quantities you want to keep on hand.  Since we live in a RV, space and weight are a premium.

Fourth was the training.  Everything is free.  Website access, web based training, live training, certification training all of it was free.  No monthly or weekly meetings to pay for, no books, tapes or videos to buy.

We are now Certified Directors with DWG and I think it was the best decision we could make.  Click the logo for more information.





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