Dry Wash N Guard

When you are on the road as a full timer, money is almost always and issue.  I retired at 62 and took early Social Security as well as my military retirement.  We also have some money in our retirement plans but don’t want to use them unless we have to.  So we started looking for something to earn extra money while we traveled.

Many people in our situation will work camp (workampers).  They choose to stay in one place for a season or so and work at the campground or local attractions in exchange for the campsite and utilities. That was not what we wanted.  We wanted to be able to see the country and move when we wanted to.  After all this is retirement and we wanted to travel.

We found that many campgrounds did not allow us to wash our rig or charged $10 or more to use the extra water.  In addition, to wash and wax the rig is almost a 2 day job or at least an all day job for both Daisy and I.  While we were at Hershey Thousand Trails, we saw a car with the Dri Wash n’ Guard advertisement on it.  So I approached Lynn and Bob about their products.  Lynn came over and did the 30 second demonstration on the dirtiest, black streak area she could find.  She sprayed on the car wash and polish and had me do the ‘work’ of spreading it around and buffing it out.  All 30 seconds of it.  I had a clean, smooth and polished area about 2 square feet in 30 seconds.  I was impressed.  It would still take me several hours (about 5) to do the rig, but it would be washed and polished in that time and I could do it whenever we wanted without extra water and a buffer.  I showed Daisy and she asked Lynn, do you have anything to take stains out of carpet.  To Lynn’s defense, she said maybe.  She came back in a few minutes and proceeded to do another 30 second demonstration on the carpet area that Daisy was having problems with.  You see we (I) had forgotten to put away the Nestle Quick and it spilled on the carpet right next to the dogs water dish.  When we stopped the chocolate was all wet and stained the carpet really bad.  Daisy had tried commercial machines and about 6 other cleaners but they would not get the stain out.  After the 30 second demo, it was clean!  Daisy was sold.  We purchased about $100 worth of products and said good bye.

A few weeks later we were cleaning the rig and after seeing how easy it was, we did the car.  Other campers noticed and made some comments.  I decided to look into the business side.  Then the fun part, once we decided to find out more, we tried to contact Bob and Lynn.  Unfortunately, their information was not on the bottles of products and I had ‘filed’ the receipt away someplace.  I knew where they were heading next so I contacted the campground, people on Facebook at that campground and even tried to contact them via the DWG website.  Eventually I found the receipt and was able to call them.  That was in November 2014.  Since then we have grown from being dealers to now at the top of the program as Certified Directors.  We have people we have met that are now working their own business and we continue to travel around the country knowing we can make extra money when ever and where ever we are.

If you would like to learn about the business and the  multiple ways you can earn money, please contact me via email at rlaubertsr at gmail dot com or call my cell phone at (two one five) seven six seven – one two one one.  Yes I spelled it out for security reasons.  Please don’t spam me or we will never get a chance to talk.


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