Our income on the road

Many full timers work part time jobs or businesses.  Some workamp and others have side line businesses.  I have always been an entrepreneur and therefore looked for a side business that would work for me.  As you know, I am a certified RV Inspector and write articles almost every week.  My website at RV Inspection Service (http://rv-inspection-service.com) has all of the articles I write and a book store for the books I am writing as well.  That is not the only income we have been working on building up.  We are also Dri Wash n’ Guard Directors.

Dri Wash n’ Guard (DWG) is known for it Waterless Car Products.  They have some really high quality waterless products for keeping your car and RV clean and looking good.  If you haven’t had someone do the 30 second “Squirt the dirt” demonstration, you really need to see it.  When I do it, we find a dirty spot on  your vehicle, hand you the bottle and the towel and have you clean the dirt away, WITHOUT WATER!.  It truly is amazing.

But having good products is only part of the story, if you don’t make money at it, there isn’t a  good enough reason to work the business.  This is an issue with a lot of the stuff I see on the web.  It sounds great but there just isn’t the potential there.  After all how long can something last when it says no sales and no sponsoring?  How are they making money?  Stealing it?  With DWG you have a set of products to sell.  As stated above they are good products and products that just about everyone needs and uses.  The commissions on those products are from 20 to 40%.

Now you don’t have to sell products, you can start this business by performing services instead of selling.  There aren’t alot of home base businesses that offer this line of income.  For example, AMWAY, AMSOIL, AVON, Shaklee, Origami Owl, etc none of these have a way that you can perform a service an get paid for it without selling products.  DWG does, it is call detailing.  Yep cleaning cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, trains, planes and recreational vehicles and getting paid to do it.

I wrote a book on detailing that you can download free (or pay for it at $7.95).  To get your copy go to http://rv-inspection-service.com/book-store and select the RV Detailing Business Plan.  At check out enter FacebookDWG and the book will be free.

As with most home base businesses you can also help others get into business and you are compensated for that as your business grows.  You earn some of the commissions on those you bring into the business (this is called sponsoring).  Sponsoring is for another time.

Why not take a look at the products I sell.  You might find something you would like to have demonstrated.  There is a 30 second Squirt the Dirt demo for just about everything.  Go to https://www.mydwgint.com/cart/?Country=USA&Title=Retail&distributorId=293305


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